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  1. David Cooksey

    Nouveau Style

    I wanted to build a practical commuter bike that had a touch of craziness. It started as a poorly Peugeot NS "shopper" bike. The NS stands for Nouveau Style, something I learnt half way through the build. There has been metal working, painting, stickering, upholstering, wiring, wrenching and...
  2. David Cooksey

    BO15 Nouveau Style (previously Shop-rod)

    After my fortunate success with last years Class 2 "The Streamliner" build, some of you may be surprised to see me entering a Class 1 build. The truth is that I just can't commit to the time it takes to do a full build. I started my business last year and it has gone really well so far. But I'm...
  3. David Cooksey

    Summer build off prize

    Last summer my Streamliner bicycle won the group 2 build off. I was really stoked by the response it got. It's my understanding that the winner builds the prize for the following year. I've put some thought to this. I love making stuff, especially if it's a bit weird! However the chances are...
  4. David Cooksey

    The Streamliner - thanks for the votes

    I had a great time making this, now I'm going to stop traffic by using it before winter sets in! Oh and just to clarify two things, the bike can be pedalled and that's NOT my house in the video!
  5. David Cooksey

    The Streamliner

    This started life as a Dutch bike. I fitted an electric conversion first, using a 500watt motor in the front wheel and a 16amp/hr battery pack. Bodywork was all hand made from aluminium using traditional methods. The style I was after was a 1930's streamliner/art deco bike. I loved making it...
  6. David Cooksey

    The Streamliner

    My first time entering! I have a perfectly usable Dutch bike that I'm going to ruin! I've chosen this as the base for my project for two reasons, it's a steel frame (and not the fancy Reynolds tubing stuff- no, it's good thick nice to weld stuff) and it has drum brakes, but not a coaster...
  7. David Cooksey

    Art deco bike ideas please

    I've been a bit quiet on here recently but now I could do with some help please. For those who don't know what I do, I build bodies for vintage cars. But I also make daft bicycles. I made the rocket sidecar and the stainless loopybike amungst others. So I love art deco stuff, and have an itch...
  8. David Cooksey

    Just finished re working my Loopybike

    I built this bike from stainless Steel a few years ago. Next week there is a bicycle show and shine near me so I decided to give it a new look and enter it. What do you think?
  9. David Cooksey


    I use photobucket to host my photos. It seems that as of today I can no longer do this unless i pay $60 per year. So all the photos on all the forums I use have gone. :( I have several long build threads on various car forums. I can't face re-hosting all the archive pictures, it would take...
  10. David Cooksey

    Dutch bikes

    Has anyone had any experience of customising a Dutch bike? I work with a Dutch guy who said he can get me an old one next time he goes home. I like them, but have never seen a modified one. Google images draws a blank ( unless you count new paint and saddle as customising..... I don't! Lol )...
  11. David Cooksey

    When a crazy idea becomes reality

    Hi Where to start! OK, I am building a rocket inspired sidecar out of aluminium sheet. It will be mounted to a bicyle. There. I've said it. I'd like to take you along for the journey if that's ok with you. I'm hoping to get it finished by next summer.
  12. David Cooksey

    Peugeot rebuild / custom

    Hi Thanks for looking :) After finishing my last custom bicycles this summer I have decided to be slightly less adventurous with the next one! I started looking for a suitable bike a couple of months ago. I found the perfect one in my town. A Peugeot road bike The plans are to strip it...
  13. David Cooksey

    Hi from England!

    Hi I sort of stumbled on this forum but I like what I've seen so far! I build bodies for vintage race cars for a living, but my hobby is building custom bicycles. :) Here are a couple I've done I have normally got something "on the go" in my garage. my current project is updating an old...