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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    I've had my eye on this table top 12" Elgin Racer for a few months and was finally able to meet up with the seller yesterday. This is upon arrival, pre bath and pending blo. The day prior I picked up this FB Marketplace sandwich style find that could surely use it's hull, deck and rutter...
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    I was working in The Laboratory Late Last Night

    In the past few days I quick like a Bunny dismantled the bike that I called Cols'Nuff after I had an epiphany! and then...... Whoa Boy......I didn't mean any disrespect to the crusty old lady, but.....I blew her all to bits too! 'It was for the health of the herd', I told myself. Bye-Bye...
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    Elgin 20" Custom Balloner

    Toronto FB Marketplace. Not Mine, but it was. I sold it as a rider to the right guy who finished it to his desires. Please help post and share pics of this sweet, sweet custom. Thanks
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    Troy Lee Designs Felt

    Apparently the paint and decal graphics are really nice under that coat of darkness. I bought the bike yesterday primarily for the killer wheels and tires. Do you have any tips in overspray removal from tires? I don’t think I’ll invest any time on the frame paint, but if you know of a quick...
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    Jerald's Sulky Tire or Two

    White Wall or Black Wall. Shipped to Canada now or... US address in December to make it cheap and easy for us both. I can wait until then but happy to hear what you have by Conversation. Thanks Gents.
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    Torpedo Grips

    No breaks or tears, any color, original or repro.
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    Elgin Twin 20/30 Shroud

    No major damage. Original or Reproduction.
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    Schwinn Fleet

    Not mine No space, no time, no money, no parting, no market and no $hipping. No kidding, no convincing me. Note to self "no more bikes, no more bikes, No more bikes. NONONONO, but, wife... Just :shake::shake::shake::shake::shake:! Only $99CDN/ $75US. I know right? I'm just...
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    Kijiji Columbia? Sarnia Ontario

    Well, it appears to be a very well accessorized Columbia. If you need another big project and like playing with your nuts, there are plenty here to keep you occupied for some while. I talked with the seller, he alsoal mentioned it has some broken spokes, so a re lace might in order. A real...
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    A funny thing happened on the way to the Theatre

    You know how it goes when you sell parts and then find that you need those exact parts? I was about to post some small items for the Build Off pool... ...and then this happened! I spotted it on Kijiji fender less and sporting new W/W knobbies. Okay... It was missing rack and headbadge...
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    Flightliner Find

    This bike has been on my radar for about 7 years since it was posted on Kijiji and slipped away. It was pretty minty back then, but those long years outdoors and under a porch have produced a perfect patina on an all original ride. I took her for a spin last night and she rides awesome with...
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    RRBBO13 1nto Th3 Mystic

    Smell the sea and feel the sky... Let your soul and spirit fly... ~ Into The Mystic ~ I wanna rock your Gypsy soul, Just like back in the days of old, Then we will magnificently float... ~Into The Mystic~
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    SOLD - Boys Elgin Twinn Light Shroud

    With Build Off 13 underway I'd like to offer this mismatched twin light shroud. Maybe one of the twinn builders could make use of these rare pieces for $150 to your door from mine in Toronto doncha know. There is some damage on one piece as shown, no light switch hole. The shroud fits...
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    REDUCED Elgin Twin 40/ 40 4 Star DBL Light Shroud

    Hello ladies and gents, UPDATE : ONLY 4 PIECE Twin 40/ 4 Star SHROUD PKG AVAILABLE now.(mismatched?) The Battery Tray -SOLD and Shipped. Rack -SOLD and Shipped. Items will be carefully packed and sent from Toronto, Canada to your door in continental USA and/or Canada. The...
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    Elgin Twin Nose and Tail Parts

    Hey guys and gals, I'm seriously thinking of offering these parts and looking for a fair evaluation. I can't see myself finding headlights or battery pod any time soon (on my budget) and am considering dispersing parts to other twins in need. I'd also like to know if the shroud from a Twin 20...
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    Columbia Speedliner

    This is an old blue bike This is my new blue bike
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    Stranger Things...

    ...production co. was in my city for a Nuit Blanche (a dusk 'til dawn) art festival and picked up a few of my bikes for their art installation(Netflix co Promo). I think the bikes hit the road for other festival events after this one. Here are the bikes they took and how they put em to use...
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    The Columbia Experiment

    After having this nice Columbia reproduction posted for sale locally online with lil interest and having been eyeballing it as a parts donor or transfusion bike within the pack since the first time I saw it. and then it all just happened so fast... I couldn't stop... as she lives today Rack...
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    Mine Frightliner- Updated

    Well, I'm a sucker for a frame style I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know and no matter how many times I swore off middleweights picked this one up tonight. I took a tube and tools to fix the flat and ride her home. Although wheels and tires are mismatched and homely she rode straight...
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    I Woke Up To A Loopy Lady Today

    Another late night browsing Kijiji yesterday turned into this loopy lady in a trade with a nice fella from the neighborhood who aired her up and rode her over this morning. I spent the afternoon cleaning her up just a bit and taking her for a good little spin myself. She had been out of service...