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  2. herr_rudolf


    Hey guys. Just in time I guess. Despite of the lack of time this year I'm glad to say my build is up and running. I didn't get to do all the things I had planned, but on the other hand, a true hotrod is never done :-) I started out with a Gazelle. A Dutch ATB that I litteraly rescued from the...
  3. herr_rudolf

    >>> SINGLESPEED HOTROD >>> done

    ^ Before and after. (I'll update this pic everytime the build progresses.) How it all started... A few months ago while I was taking out the trash at work I spotted this 26" Gazelle city/mountainbike in the scrap metal dumpster. The backwheel was locked but also crooked. I'm too shy for...
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    ***Click here to play the video on Youtube!*** Awesome video of The Handsome Family. Don't know what to make of them. They sure have some beautiful eerie songs. Kinda Amarican Gothic, but having seen them in a documentary years ago they weren't able to convince me... Mostly due to the wife. I...
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    The 2nd Annual RRB Auction Bike. Hey guys. After the unexpectedly HUGE succes of the 1st auction rat, it didn't took long to realize this had to become an annual event. Just like the official RatRodBikeBuildOff. You know, having another event in another season to look forward to. Great to see...
  6. herr_rudolf

    RUSTROCKET DELUXE - the auction rat nr. 1

  7. herr_rudolf

    Come rain or shine...

    ^ ...the Billet Bullet was built to ride... Selfportret. (Hope you can forgive the pinup-content... :wink: ) :mrgreen: Just for fun. :mrgreen: Actual beautyshots can be found on the RRBBO#4 buildthread: ... 50#p159675 Thanks for checking it out.
  8. herr_rudolf

    Traditional HOTRODS 2nd Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama (Holland)

    We had a blast at the 2nd Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama at the Autotron in Holland. Some of the best and/or coolest hotrods and customs the Benelux(Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) has to offer. But I did also spot some Brits and Germans. The turnout was great. Lot's of visitors. Some even came all...
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    ^ Cartboardtracker Frame: Batavus (late 70's early 80's heavy 27" tourbike), homemade wooden tankplate, homemade brackets, painted logo. Fork: Batavus, shaved lock, shaved generator bracket. Rack: Gazelle, bent, angled, sprayed black. Homemade wooden officechair pieces. Bibia equiped...
  10. herr_rudolf

    some bikes at the Dutch Design Week. (Holland)

    ^ lot's of roadbike inspired two wheelers. These where of a particular brand that I can't remember... ^ Funky little electric stand-up scooter-trikes... ^ But not as funky as this one, I spotted on top of a cabinet in another factorybuilding... ^ A new Batavus bike. Looks like an...
  11. herr_rudolf

    Picking up an old habit of mine: Graffiti...

    ^ eran (by zime) ^ sexy (by me) ^ zime Me and my graffiti buddy Zime wanted to take a trip today to Charleroi (Belgium) to paint one or two walls of abandoned factories. But sadly it got cancelled by the guys that we were supposed to meet there. Very disappointed the two of us decided to...
  12. herr_rudolf

    AMF Pedal tricycle

    Spotted at this Fridays Art Show on the HAMB: ... stcount=32 An AMF Trike tribute to Ed Roth. Never saw one of these... Think it looks cool enough to share with you guys.
  13. herr_rudolf

    '32 Ford HOTROD-Roadtrip to 'Antwerp Vintage Reunion'

    Last week I ran into my old friend Erwin at a Paladinsconcert. We talked about his '32 roadster and he asked me to join him on a roadtrip to visit Antwerp Vintage Reunion in Belgium with his buddies from his carclub 'The Trashers'. Eventhough I'm drowning in work at the moment, I just couldn't...
  14. herr_rudolf

    Bottrop Kustom Kulture ***PRO-VIDEO ADDED!*** june17th

    Friday June 4th 2010. A hot (almost) summers' day. Perfect outdoor carshow weather. Me, my brother and a friend of mine, Ger, took the trip across the border last friday to Bottrop Kirchhellen - Germany. The drive was okay dispite of a 45 minute trafficjam in the hot sun... We did ran into the...
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    VW-Beetles on the Bergen (June 6th. Eindhoven - Holland)

    The ongoing beetle project of my sister finaly got on the road. A 1975 1200cc. There are still lots (and lots, and lots...) of 'bugs' to figure out but it's finally getting somewhere. Last week I heard about this little aircooled meeting in my hometown so why not make a testdrive today to the...
  16. herr_rudolf

    HOTRODS & ART at Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama (Holland)

    I just got back from another art-exhibition I participated together with Ger Peters and Percy Kesteloot (Kesto Graphics) at the Nostalgia Hotrodshow at the automotive museum 'Autotron' in Holland. ^ the artshow... ^ My paintings ^ My latest work: Cartboardtracker. LOOK! It's my bike! ^...
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    Formerly known as 'Dull ATB turns Cool cruiser'. It's the bike I'd always to get to work in the weekends at my parents for two year. And because it was a 26inch-er, I wanted to see how whitewalls looked like on the bike. Actually they are cream, which I think is way better and more 'real'...
  18. herr_rudolf

    BILLY LEE RILEY (R.I.P.) memorial update!

    Mr. Riley recorded several times with my fellow Dutchmen The Bellhops. Rock 'n' roll pioneer and SUN-legend Billy Lee Riley rocked till his death. Here he is in Holland more than a decade ago backed by The Tin Stars: And who didn't rock to this...
  19. herr_rudolf

    *** BILLET BULLET ***

    Well, here it is... It's an Australian Avant Mix that I found in my parents shed before they got time to send it off to the scrapyard... It was finished a little while back (in the meantime I build another bike ;-) but it was because I was undecisive about some finishing touches. Especially a...
  20. herr_rudolf

    Hotrods in Wintelre, Holland. (carshow pics)

    Hotrods, good weather, rocking bands, fun friends, and cheap beer. The ingredients for a well spent sunday afternoon. So I took my Billet Bullet out for a ride to the local carshow in Wintelre, Holland. Only to find out that my bike was the only custom bike on the field. Therefor I stalled it on...