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  1. imagearchy


    Re: Bull Run Welcom to the build!
  2. imagearchy

    ••••\Ya·Ku·Za/•••• " lotsO clear update pics "

    Hello Every One! I have decided to Join the Rat(rod)Race once again this year. I enjoyed meeting so many like minded builders last year and the pressure of the competition! It's good to see so many builders returning this year! I can't wait to see what becomes from everyone!! After finishing 5th...
  3. imagearchy

    Aluminati *New Pics* ((a second look before voting!)))

    ImageArchy Presents the ((Aluminaty)) 1936 Monark Silverking....The dark Side of the "SilVerKinG" I would like to thank My Wonderful Wife Elizabeth for putting up with my garage filled days my dogs for staring at me all the time, all of the great members that showed me...
  4. imagearchy

    Ingredients to a sick ride:(design Pattent pending)

    This bike has no name it speaks for its self. Ingredients to a sick ride: 1 can of keep it simple stupid! 1 stick of 1.5 inch 90 wall roll bar tubing a couple of hours with a tube roller a couple of hours with a tube bender about 10 cutoff wheels or 1 plasma cutter! a split right down the...
  5. imagearchy

    its just me!

    Hi my name is Mick I am from the Black Hills in Wyoming. i have lived in Denver Colorado for 15 years now. I have been a big fan of the HRB for a while now. I will upload some pictures of my project soon. here is a few pics of my new daily cruiser that i am working on presently. laters!
  6. imagearchy

    Aluminati (feels like an abandoned amusement park in here!))

    :roll: I have been building bicycles since i was 6. Now 30 years later, it is still fun! So this is my first build off! I am an illustrator by profession so this will be a lot like drawing. What happens.... happens! I might lean towards a more streamlined, tanker, board tracker? 3 weeks...