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  1. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Somewhat disappointed that the pics of my bmf badge were taken down after being posted for a year here. Especially on a rat rod bike site. Oh well. Guess that’s the nature of the world we currently live in
  2. Just Jeff


  3. Just Jeff

    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

  4. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Another update on my black Dx. After a weekend ride I decided I no longer want rooster tails of water up my back or in my lap. So fenders were added, along with spacers to get ‘em closer to the tires
  5. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Update on a couple of the bikes. Schwinn double bar got a new look. And the black Dx got a new chain guard
  6. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    12 step program! Lol! More like 22 more bikes to add to the collection! I would stop buyin em, but nobody likes a quitter:p
  7. Just Jeff

    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    They say the devils in the details, but what about the devil being the detail…
  8. Just Jeff

    black bikes?

    1936 Shelby 1940 Schwinn Dx
  9. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Thanks! When I saw that devil ornament I knew I had to have it. newest addition to the fleet. 1940 Schwinn Dx
  10. Just Jeff

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Newest addition to my bunch. 1940 Dx
  11. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Found some more correct parts for my Dx and decided to “age” the badge while I was working on it.
  12. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Found an original paint tank for my 1945 RoadMaster. A little crusty just like the rest of the bike. I like it
  13. Just Jeff

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Here is my late 30’s Shelby
  14. Just Jeff

    Schwinn DX

    Here is some compiled info from the CABE regarding the early post war serial numbers
  15. Just Jeff

    Schwinn DX

    Earlier than 1953. If it was a ‘53 the serial number would be on the left rear drop out. I believe it’s actually a 1946. Neat bike.
  16. Just Jeff

    Post war JC Higgins

    Post war Monark built JC Higgins. Frame was modified with a tab welded on for the Silver King chain guard. New reproduction emblem on the guard. 24” Schwinn fork for more of a hot rod vibe. Columbia rear rack. Aluminum rims. Handlebars, cranks, and gooseneck are from a Huffy Cranbrook. Schwinn...