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  1. tvc15


    Made it, more to follow!
  2. tvc15


    I'm in... not sure what its going to be... it will emerge from a bunch of ratty parts, sheet metal, perhaps a motor. stay tuned.
  3. tvc15

    Monark for the Miss

    Here is the Monark project I'm starting for my wife... I'm taking this frame... and combining it with everything I can from this... This would torque a purist or two, good thing its a rat rod forum!
  4. tvc15

    My 41 Ready to ride... on to the next bike

    I have built a bike or two here, all of them have gone to a family member or friend, when I found this bike fell in love with it... so its mine, i'll be passing the Elgin on to Scotty. Here she is before... and after removing 20 layers of paint, sand blasting and primer... this awesome...
  5. tvc15


    My 13 year old has been peddling around Hex53 from the 2012 Build Off and it weighs a ton, I decided its time for something mo rat... I have this 53 Hawthorne that needs to be revived. I'm thinking some super large metal flake paint and ape hangers for sure Here is the bike after sand blasting...
  6. tvc15

    Iron Ranch Swap 2013 PDX

    Hey, anyone in PDX want to carpool to the Iron Ranch Bike Swap Sept 21, 2013 EARLY AM, I have room for 3 and a car rack for 2 :wink:
  7. tvc15

    Help with Monark, Hawthorne and Schwinn

    These are also in the fresh finds... any help with ID or dates would be super! Monark Hawthorne Schwinn
  8. tvc15

    1950 Westfield Columbia Built Something

    This is the bike that donated the fork for Full View...
  9. tvc15

    Late 1950ish Hawthorn Rollfast HP Snyder made

    I am assuming it is HP Snyder because of the Circle SE logo, maybe a Huffy? it appears to be a late model middleweight My son and I will be ratting this out for a lighter ride- his HEX53 is killing him :wink:
  10. tvc15

    1950ish Monark Something King???

    Model Number is 4440, 4470 or 4410 (sorry about that!) Serial 40774305 (A0774305) I'm going to rat this for my wife, would love to know more!
  11. tvc15

    1950 or 1959 24" Schwinn J-80

    Here is what I believe to be a 1950 Schwinn Girls 24" J-80. If I run the serial on the Schwinn data base it comes up as nothing, but the other charts I checked say 1950, plus the serial is on the chain hanger. If I change the first 0 (zero) to an O (oh) it comes up as 1959- I think that is...
  12. tvc15

    1941 Columbia Made Something or Not

    The serial and hole pattern for the badge and skip tooth chain indicates that this is a 1941 Columbia made bicycle- I'm super stoked about this bike! If you have any additional ideas or thought let me know- Cheers!
  13. tvc15

    Full View

    Full View is a 1955 Columbia built bicycle that was a complete wreak when I purchased it... Over the last few weeks I restored the finish and brought her back to life. I wanted to make something that was auto inspired so I added some speed elements that you would find in a vintage rat rod plus a...
  14. tvc15

    Full View 2.0

    I have an idea or two. Not committed yet... could have something to do with an 50's Columbia or a 10 year old Electra... Might have a couple dozen mirrors or maybe a dozen or so headlights. Not even sure if I'm in the right group? Confussed :wink:
  15. tvc15

    55 Fleetwing

    This bike is going to be for Uncle Chuck... It is a 1955 Columbia Fleetwing I picked up from a local bike swap I had it sand blasted then I beat out the dings and dents and filled them. Time to sand
  16. tvc15

    Portland, Oregon VS ???

    Portland just made a pretty big claim... Game on :wink:
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  18. tvc15

    Headset solution

    Is there a better solution to updating headset on vintage bikes... Typically I do a hunt and seek at the bins at the local bike recycler. I've redone mostly md 50's bikes, the crown races always seem to be the biggest pain in the rear. Any pace to buy them new, I'm sure I'm missing something...
  19. tvc15

    Columbia Fleetwing???

    Picked this up at a swap today, looks like a 1955 Columbia Fleetwing???. Serial was stamped on the dropout not the crank hanger. Serial is A136937 Guess the bigger question is whether the forks belong or not, Im guessing they don't. Help or comments are appreciated!
  20. tvc15


    This year I started with an 1950's X-53. The goal was to create a bike that I could use as my main ride that would match my son's bike Frigthliner from last years build-off. The concept of "Hex 53" is a twist on the original name, I'd thought that I'd have fun with it, thus the devils and eight...