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  1. Pauliemon

    I got it up and,...

    got it rolling. Not done, rolling. Finally after years of collecting parts and bikes. I always just build one bike for show that year. I pulled this together with spare parts. And, like all of us on here, we got lots-o-spares. Spare frames, wheels, cranks, bikes, pedals, get it. Now let's...
  2. Pauliemon

    26" Fattys

    Who makes the fattest 26" whitewalls? I want fatter than 2.125. Thanx
  3. Pauliemon

    I bet this guy is mad?

    That he didn't take the $150 I offered him. ... K:MEDWX:IT
  4. Pauliemon


    I just thought this was kinda cool and maybe one of ya all would be interested. ... 335886a280 Happy Holidays to you all and keep the rubber side down. Paulie
  5. Pauliemon

    Another new guy from Sactown.

    Hi All. Sactown is Sacramento Ca. for all of you not from the area. There seems to be a couple of us (from Sacto.) on this board. I think I've been bit by the vintage bike/rat rod bug.