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    JC Higgins Flightliner Deluxe

    Whew! That sounds close! Super Cool Save! I'm hoping that your super fly frame find might quickly solve any possible pesky rat bike parts pile issue that you may have. Gotta luv these frames and the unlimited possibilities.
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    Yes indeedy, you can see where the ideas stemmed from and it could leave here in someone's trunk. As soon as I seed it and that the parts were Alder, I knew I couldn't just leaf it. Thank Yew
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    I'm glad to Cedar some guys that are flat board and had to re-ply. Ferdy, U know it's not Cherry, but this is Spruced up and it's already Posted. I'm sure it will be the Apple of someone's eye. I may whittle the price a bit, but knot ready to chop it. Matti, this bike is actually near your...
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    hallo vanuit NEDERLAND

    Awe shucks Wheelbender, Y'all pronounce everything funny in Texas. Actually... they do in Holland too, now that I think about it.😉 A Welkom Henk! from Canada
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    Just joined this week. I live in South Texas, am 66 and a professional Santa Claus.

    TheCABE... ......where Santa Claus sends his Wish List! Hahaha...HoHoHo...LOL... I hope you get your wish returned soon. ...and I'd also like to say that I can just never stay awake late enough to catch you at my house. I'd like to apologize for telling you had bad breath in Woolworth's in...
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    Well, this Toasted Sandwich is ready To Go! I finished up reassembly and took the bike out for a quick burn around the block. I will say it rides like a son of a Birch...or is that Son of a Beach and was also actually very easy on my vintage Ash.🤭 It's not that I ever pined fir a wood bike...
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    Shou Sugi Ban! That's the name I was looking for when I mentioned the Japanese Wood burning technique. I think I've found my new favourite thing! I may have gone a little light on the wire brushing, but I'm pleased with the outcome. IDK if it might be possible to take more char off if I chose...
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    Thanks King, it will be fun to play with some fun ratty ideas to use for a knob. The trike also features a factory coil sprung rear deck to my surprise. This is the only tricycle that I have and it will be kept with my twin 20,30 sumthin rat forever. It might be fun to find a couple of wheel...
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    Elgin 12" Racer and a 'Now Toasted' Sandwich to Go!

    I've had my eye on this table top 12" Elgin Racer for a few months and was finally able to meet up with the seller yesterday. This is upon arrival, pre bath and pending blo. The day prior I picked up this FB Marketplace sandwich style find that could surely use it's hull, deck and rutter...
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    $5 Huffy bike

    I could envision that old Huffy as the perfect light and aerodynamic basis for a cool scientific vintage flying bicycle project! The immediate challenges I foresee with this idea of course is actually designing and building a sizeable enough catapult to launch it.
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    Adding that fun shine to your old bike was a great call! I totally agree that a bobbed rear fender would the perfect final addition to your creation. BRAVO!
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    good price for a 65' spaceliner

    Springer fork was molested and replaced with Top shelf complete bike that you can enjoy while you keep an eye out for an original fork. Make an offer,.......take the ride!
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    I was working in The Laboratory Late Last Night

    I took this one outside for some sun to give you a better look. One man's trash is another man's pleasure.
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    I was working in The Laboratory Late Last Night

    Here we have the progress pics from my experiment. The Colson is a GO. I do not wear a skirt, but the wire set cleaned up great, so I put them back where they were placed by someone 82 years ago. The Hawthorne will evolve further. I need chain adjusting bolts and a cheaper way to make her...
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    I was working in The Laboratory Late Last Night

    Thanks Matti, The 'bird is burgundy with golden darts. It is very patinated. The crank set is CCM Triplex, with tapered BB and arms. Axle is attached to crank, I suspect nutted together, but honestly overlooked that detail Matti. All this Redbird now needs is a new set of spokes and she'll...
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    I was working in The Laboratory Late Last Night

    In the past few days I quick like a Bunny dismantled the bike that I called Cols'Nuff after I had an epiphany! and then...... Whoa Boy......I didn't mean any disrespect to the crusty old lady, but.....I blew her all to bits too! 'It was for the health of the herd', I told myself. Bye-Bye...
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    This is your Sunshine, .......your only Sunshine, It'll make you happy, .......when skies are grey! You'll put a drum brake, .......on either end now, And safe and smiling ........ is how you'll stay. This is your Sunshine, .......your home built Sunshine, You'll build a Great Ride...
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    Well since you asked, This is how mine rests with the Shimano 3 speed and drum wheel set and Hanks, Murray chainring... OG Elgin fork will need neck stretch surgery and fender some slight stitching. Meanwhile the mystery fork holds its place...and front drum hub, but not readily the OG Elgin...
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    Silver King Custom Tracker

    Hi Tim, It's time for your annual check up. How is your Monark feeling?