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  1. Just Jeff

    Post war JC Higgins

    Post war Monark built JC Higgins. Frame was modified with a tab welded on for the Silver King chain guard. New reproduction emblem on the guard. 24” Schwinn fork for more of a hot rod vibe. Columbia rear rack. Aluminum rims. Handlebars, cranks, and gooseneck are from a Huffy Cranbrook. Schwinn...
  2. Just Jeff

    It started with a badge

    Normally I don’t remember to photo the bikes I’m building until I’m done. But this particular one I did. I have posted this one on the CABE before, but it’s really more appropriate for this site. So here we go! I found a really cool badge last year at the Long Beach Motorcycle/bike swap. And...
  3. Just Jeff

    A few of my bikes.

    Just gonna post picks of my completed bikes here. 1954 Schwinn Leader