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  1. 1man2manybikes

    Are You Tire of Me and Tires? NOS Felt Thick Bricks

    Still for sale Gig?
  2. 1man2manybikes

    Felt Twin Cruiser

    Still for sale? Location please.
  3. 1man2manybikes

    Felt MP Rat Patrol $500 Utah

    south metro just below the TC.
  4. 1man2manybikes

    bike addiction...

    Recovery!? There ain’t no coming back from this. I never had a choice my friends. I was born this way. It’s a one way ticket to paradise as they say.
  5. 1man2manybikes

    bike addiction...

    I really had to think about it.
  6. 1man2manybikes

    bike addiction...

    I have one. There, I said it. Whew, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to say it. Anyone want to go out after this meeting and shop for bikes with me?
  7. 1man2manybikes

    Felt Bandit

    Gone I assume?
  8. 1man2manybikes

    Felt MP Rat Patrol $500 Utah

    Never mind. I saw the price in the title. Duh, not sure how I missed that?
  9. 1man2manybikes

    Pair of 24” Felt Berm Master Tires

    Son of a....I missed out!
  10. 1man2manybikes

    Yes! Your Prayers Have Been Answered! A Pair of NOS 26” Felt Circuit Tires with the Tags Still On Them

    I had a brown haze once. It came off in the washing machine!
  11. 1man2manybikes

    SOLD Felt Surf City Project

    Have photos?
  12. 1man2manybikes

    Felt MP Rat Patrol $500 Utah

    Is it still for sale? What’s your asking price?
  13. 1man2manybikes

    Felt MP Rat Patrol $500 Utah

    I’m in minnesota too Bus’s n bikes! What are you into? I have many felt cruisers.
  14. 1man2manybikes

    electra on minneapols craigs list

    Uhg. Have you seen the swoopy NB bike in person? The paint is amazing, as well as the overall design. It has a translucent metallic look. It would be a big mistake to spray paint the bike. Not to mention the value will be lost. I would recommend you get a non-New Belgium bike. One other thing...
  15. 1man2manybikes

    electra on minneapols craigs list

    Ive got 4. Anyone interested?
  16. 1man2manybikes

    Felt Cruiser

    I’ve got approximately 14 felt cruisers. I’d let go of 1 or 2.
  17. 1man2manybikes

    My new to me Felt Iron Cross 400

    Great job updating/restoring. I’m curious if you’d sell the seat you took of the bike to me? Let me know and we’ll work something out.
  18. 1man2manybikes

    electra rockabilly

    I’ve got the rat patrol military police bike, and I’m in heaven!
  19. 1man2manybikes

    Help please

    I figured it out. It’s a 1940 Four Star Deluxe.