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  1. KevinM

    Parting out 1972 Schwinn Manta Ray

    I hate parting this one out but maybe it will help someone complete a bike.
  2. KevinM

    FS Schwinn Exerciser 64 tooth Chainrings

    Is anyone needing one.?These used to be popular here. I have about 6-7 of used ones. If anyone is interested in one. I will take pics and work up prices on them as they are different styles and conditions.
  3. KevinM

    SOLD OUT-5 Speed Simplex Click Stick-NOS-Poor Condition

    I have 4 Simplex Click Stick Shifters that are NOS. This is the last of them. They have rust, missing half clamps & labels and missing the cable adjuster. $20 shipped for each one.
  4. KevinM

    Fort Worth Texas 23rd Bicycle Swap Meet October 19th

    Just getting started early.
  5. KevinM

    Gremicea Front drum brake Originally 24 Hole now 56 Spoke Holes

    Some one had a weird application or they were trying to lighten up the Grimeca hub regarding weight. The hub was I think 24 but now I count 28 holes just on one side. It brakes and will turn but that is all I know about it. $20 shipped. Leave me a post here and then PM me.
  6. KevinM

    3 Cool Looking Headlights Your Choice All Different

    $10 plus shipping on any of these headlights. I know nothing about them. Use them on your next future build. Checkout my other posts to combine shipping to save you some $ and help me get rid of some of my stuff. Leave me a post here and then PM me.
  7. KevinM

    26" Balloon Schwinn and Ashtabula Style Fork

    I have the top 2 forks for sell. The bottom has already been sold. $20 plus shipping on either one. The top one looks like a Schwinn one but the crown area is tapered. The bottom one is a Schwinn for sure. The bottom one is bent back a little I think. The top fork is crusty. Shipping is getting...
  8. KevinM

    2 Ratty Headlights

    I have these 2 headlights. $20 shipped. They are untested. One is a Hawthorne. The one on the left is also a horn unit for the push button. Leave me a post here and then PM me.
  9. KevinM

    2 Ratty Rear View Mirrors

    One is missing a clamp but I have one know. $10 shipped
  10. KevinM

    2019 Spring Memory Lane Swap Meet is back on

    Yes it is back on. Memory Lane Swap Meet 2019 Spring. Plan for the last Wed thru Saturday morning in April in Grand Rapids Ohio. There will be no early bird setups, like collectors coming in on Monday and Tuesday camping out. More details to follow.
  11. KevinM

    Ratty Sealed Beam Headlight

    I have about 2 dozen of these lights that came out of some college dorms backup light system. I believe they are 12v as they had a battery pack. They are 6" wide by 4 1/4" deep. The extension is 2 1/2" and it can be angled. $25 shipped for each one in the 50 States.
  12. KevinM

    Sad News-Harvey Tromboli from Memory Lane Classics passed away

    I don't know where to post something like this but Harvey Tromboli from Grand Rapids Ohio which was the other half of Memory Lane Classics has passed away this week. He leaves behind Lilchic-Lisa his wife
  13. KevinM

    NOS Musclebike Shimano 3 Speed Click Shift Shorty Shifters

    I have a few of these at $40 each shipped. I don't have the binder bolt but that is an easy hardware store find. They are all dirty and have scratches to the covers as they were stored loose. The chrome is fine on them.
  14. KevinM

    22nd Vintage Bicycle Club of Texas Swap Meet

    Wow has it been 22 years now. Seems like yesterday. Come on out for a day of fun.
  15. KevinM

    Ratty Monark Double Spring Rocker Front Fork

    $95 shipped in the 48 lower states. Shoot me an offer also if you want. It has been used and abused.
  16. KevinM

    ISO Bendix 2 Speed Overdrive Rear Hub Brake Arms and Couplers

    I am rebuilding some 2 speed Bendix Kickback Overdrive Blue Band Hubs. I need 3 Overdrive stamped brake arms and 3 couplers that have the fingernails on them. Thanks, Kevin
  17. KevinM

    Memory Lane Classics in Grand Rapids Ohio is closing end of April.

    Yes the building has been sold so after the Spring swap they will be closing. They have been great to our hobby for years and years. If this should be posted in another area LMK or add it to those areas.
  18. KevinM

    SOLD 36 Hole 5 Speed Freewheel Rear Drum Brake Grimeca Italy

    I have this Grimeca (made in Italy) 36 hole Rear Drum Brake that will use a 5 speed Freewheel. I will remove the freewheel, spokes, spoke protector, reflector and rim and keep them. $50 shipped in the 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  19. KevinM

    Looking for these type of Sturmey Archer Sportshifters

    I have a bunch that need repaired so I am looking for donors, What do you have?
  20. KevinM

    21th Annual Bicycle Swap Meet in Hurst Texas Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Bicycles, Inc. Parking Lot 143 E. Harwood Road, Hurst, TX 76054 Saturday, October 14, 2017 • Set up starts at 7am • Swap starts at 8am • Booth space $10.00. No charge to bring 1 bike to sell. • All types of old bicycles welcome, antiques, classics, musclebikes, ratrods, vintage road bike...