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  1. tjwilson

    Tweaker's Rehab - Continued

    This all started as a redo of a previous redo as part of RRBO16. Didn't make that deadline but you can see the earlier posts and build progress here. Time totally got away from me in trying to keep up on the build off, other's builds and, posting on my own build. Anyway, this is a bit of a...
  2. tjwilson

    Tweaker's Rehab

    Poor Tweaker. Bad choices and the strong pull of his older brother Crunchy's influence have won out. Despite best efforts Tweaker's never really been able to live up to his full potential. Time for some introspection and re-evaluation. Back to square one... a return trip to the drawing board.
  3. tjwilson


    SPACELINER PITMASTER SPECIAL Spaceliner, smoked low and slow with a touch of hot rod rub. THE RECIPE A mix of mid-sixties Spaceliner styling cues, a long wheel base (64"), low seat position (24"), shallow head tube angle (50.5°), big/little wheel combination, ten speed indexed trigger shifter...
  4. tjwilson

    Apollo Racer

    Another scrub clean, tire change, longer crank swap, reflector housing and, sissy bar lengthen build in the books. I've built a couple scratch built bikes with some questionable geometry in the past. Having said that, this is the most squirrely riding bike of any I've ever been on. Still like...
  5. tjwilson

    Scrapyard Mule 2.0

    Scrapyard Mule This a continuation of modifications to the build I had in last summer's Build Off. I originally had every intention of posting documentation of how this went along, as it went along, but time got away from me. With all the images I had I figured I'd go ahead and post after the...
  6. tjwilson


    Started with a bike in pretty good condition to begin with. Just gave it a good scrubbing, new seat, reflector and a few minor modifications to make it comfortable to ride. See the build thread here. Starting point.
  7. tjwilson

    Apollo Racer

    Recently came across this and couldn't resist. Plan is to do the same as in my Sportmaster build, some cleanup and minor modifications to make it ridable. Not sure on the year. If I were to guess I'd say early seventies, maybe seventy one? Looks like the incorrect seat but the one that's on...
  8. tjwilson


    Jumping in a little late again... I purchased this a couple years ago for the seat pan (I needed a riding saddle for my '69 Fastback). I don't remember exactly what I paid. Wasn't much and was a good deal for the seat. Part of the delay in getting started is because I couldn't decide what I...
  9. tjwilson

    Scrapyard Mule

    Inprocess Images See the build thread here. Ride Video (fender's a little clanky, need to look at that :wink1:)
  10. tjwilson

    BO15 Scrapyard Mule

    I can squeak in maybe seven days so lets give it a try. Ready, set, go... This isn't the bike I'm planning but it is the plan that led up to the planned bike. I'd been doing a few thumbnail sketches and started liking the idea of taking a classic design and doing an extreme stretch and lower...
  11. tjwilson


    This will be a scratch built frame and seat with handlebars pieced together from odds and ends of other bars.
  12. tjwilson

    Crunchy's Lil' Brother Tweaker

    More of a revision than a build... As a break from some of the tedious finish work on ECHO I made some quick, down and dirty revisions to Nautilus for this riding season. Nautilus never seamed right to me. To rough to be what I think of as a stretched cruiser, to long to be a rough bobber. The...
  13. tjwilson


    Getting a late start but, better late than never I suppose! I put in a lot of ride time this past summer and fall. More often than not my bike of choice has been my last year's MBBO entry "Twist of Lemon". Love the bike but, lots of little things I would do differently to increase its...
  14. tjwilson

    1969 Schwinn Fastback

    Cleanup A Schwinn Fastback I had as a kid has been a big influence on a couple of the bikes I've built. I recently decided to try and find one to replace the Fastback that was now long gone. I almost immediately found an exact duplicate: a 1971, Kool Yellow, 3-speed. This isn't that bike. The...
  15. tjwilson

    Nautilus (Beached Bobber)

    A lot of fun as always and thanks for the encouragement! I'm still a little unsure of the final finish on this build. Although, it is growing on me and it definitely hits the objective of having a finish that I don't need to worry about scratching. Rides really well and will make a great beater...
  16. tjwilson

    Nautilus (Beached Bobber) - WBO 2018 Scratch Built

    This build is basically an opportunity to use parts from the bottom of the pile that wear their experience a little more prominently than most. Hopefully I'll be able to convincingly age the newer pieces to match.
  17. tjwilson

    Twist of Lemon (video added 12.03.2017)

    Phew... once again that went really fast. Had a great time building and watching the other builds. Thanks to all for the encouragement along the way. Can't wait to get some miles in. Hope to have a ride video soon. See the complete build log here...
  18. tjwilson

    (MBBO#6 Class 2) Twist of Lemon

    The Schwinn Krates always seemed like the definition of a muscle bike to me. Probably because Schwinns were the only muscle bikes I was aware of back in the day. Never had one but I still remember the first one I saw, a brand new Cotton Picker owned by the older kid down the block. I've had a...
  19. tjwilson

    Extended Cruise - Video Added!

    These Build-Offs sure have a tendency to make time go fast. Another quick three months. Started out with an old Schwinn Traveler using the frame, handlebar stem, fork and headset. Working with the tall frame set the direction of the overall design and frame modifications. Most other parts came...
  20. tjwilson

    Extended Cruise - Added to Finished Build Thread

    This Traveler has never been a tourist. Obviously adventures have been sought that led to the kind of places the majority of locals avoid. Tired and worn, maybe it's time to leave the back-roads and paths less traveled to those more willing and able. Time to appropriate the tourist's laid back...