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    Trek Singletrack 950

    I picked this one up last year to use as a parts donor for another bike I ended up going with other parts for the other bike. So I brought the Trek to my summer house as an Easter holiday project, so I can have something decent to ride up there. Almost done. I plan on replacing the...
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    1998 Schwinn Moab 1

    This year's winter bike, which I got at a great price from the original owner. Right after I brought it home: Flipped stem + Flite ti: 3T stem/bars + Ritchey grips
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    Stuck seat post

    Stuck seat post? Fill the seat tube with drain cleaner, give up after a couple of weeks, and rediscover it a few months later...
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    1995 Sunn Vertik 2

    Once again my first proper bike has begun to look and feel a bit too ratty. And this time I have decided to do a complete rebuild. So I thought I would make a thread here to document the process. The project will most likely cost way more than the bike is worth. But you can't put a price on...
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    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    I just bought a slow, heavy bike, and intend to modify it quite a bit. So I thought this would be the right place to document my progress. The bike is a new-ish Schwinn Heavy Duti, and my plan is to replace pretty much everything but the frame and fenders. I'll probably start a build thread when...