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  1. inshane64

    For the first time I'm kinda dissapointed in this forum

    Never said that Rat Rod shouldn't make some coin with the forum, it seems he puts a lot of time and effort keeping things running smoothly. I just simply asked something like: "What's up with all the ebay ads?" I didn't realize he was doing the ebay partner thing (i didn't even know what it...
  2. inshane64

    For the first time I'm kinda dissapointed in this forum

    I found a sweet picture that reminded me of this forum today and I decided to post it to the facebook page, when trying to post I noticed I couldn't post or comment on anything. I thought that was strange because I saw recent comment so I asked my lady if she could comment... and she could. I...
  3. inshane64

    Church Culture!

    I wrote a new one today, it's fast and accurate, just how I like it. It is the start to a series of short and to-the-point blogs that I hope to post weekly. Check it out if yer interested!
  4. inshane64

    ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Update: Hare Cut)

    We had a tornado warning so I didn't get much done today, the new vise was calling my name, so I started mounting it. The guy who bought it originally never mounted it, so I had this handy template! Drill and oil!!! I don't wanna ruin a bit. First holes drilled, I am gonna take it easy...
  5. inshane64

    ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Update: Hare Cut)

    You guessed it, it is gonna be my try at a 26 inch wheeled swing bike!!! I didn't get anything on my bike done today but I did adopt a new member of the family! It's a 6.5 Mechanics Vise made my Wilton and rebranded by Snap On. I found it for sale locally on the internetz, I got it for a...
  6. inshane64

    ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Update: Hare Cut)

    Why does it haffta be so hot outside? I wanna work on my bike!!!
  7. inshane64

    ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Update: Hare Cut)

    Getting every dollar out of my Harbor Freight cut-off wheel. Notched front forks ready to be slipped on to the dropouts. Quick mock up. Tacked up and carefully centered and such. Tacked, ready to be bent in a little. Bent in and ready to weld. I love my Miller 350P. More...
  8. inshane64


    Re: CYCOBILLY DELUXE - Back in town & got a delivery!! "'s huge." ~She
  9. inshane64

    ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Update: Hare Cut)

    Re: ◄◄◄ The Rhosgobel Rabbit ►►► (Hare Cut) After much thought I decided that the Rabbit must be more nimble and flexible than your standard bicycle. Radagast's rabbits could weave and cover ground in an odd manner, so shall my Rabbit. Here she is all stripped down. I have been inspired by...
  10. inshane64

    Simpleton - the straightforward straightbar! - Done!

    Re: Simpleton - the straightforward straightbar! ^^^^ Take heed the words of the King.
  11. inshane64

    Lucky # 7

    Dang, lookin good!!!
  12. inshane64

    P-40 Warhawk "Tex" Hill...maybe Next Year

    Re: P-40 Warhawk "Tex" Hill So awesome!!
  13. inshane64

    Old Blue (Unnamed)

    Is that a '64 Fairlane in the background? It looks pretty sweet!
  14. inshane64

    Lady Bikes.... I mean Step-Thru!!!! Sub-Comp

    Anyone else wrenching on a step-through this build off? Has one ever placed high?
  15. inshane64

    Old Blue (Unnamed)

    Yay!!! Guys this is my sister she is an aspiring jack-of-all-trades I asked her if she wanted in on the build off and she said "When do I start?!!"
  16. inshane64

    RRBBO8 Discussion Thread

    Re: Welcome to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! I am too busy seeing ideas I may haffta steal to deal or read smack!!! I can see already that we are gonna have to dig deep to win this year!!! Time to go thru our past builds for ideas.
  17. inshane64


    Re: Chainring and resin ^^^^ That is awesome!!!!!!!