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  1. fjernt

    Removing BB bearing cup / shell

    The 2 cups inserted into the BB shell on a frame, how to get em out? Just a hammer and chisel kinda thing? It worked on the headtube cups, but having a hard time with the BB.
  2. fjernt

    tricycle differential slipping -HELP-

    Hi! Recently got a new trike, it can be seen in the fresh finds part of the forum. The problem is, when I try to pedal it, everything works fine, until it gets to the rear axle/differential. The diff/drive spins, but it slips on the axle.Does anyone know how to fix this, or could share some...
  3. fjernt

    Older European Trike Find (Help!)

    Guten tag! Been looking for reasonably prices trikes for a while now, and came across this one. Had it shipped across the country, but overall it wasn't too expensive. It's in decent condition, lots of surface rust, the usual when it comes to older bikes. The seller told me there was some kind...
  4. fjernt

    Frayed Nirves

    Picked up a well worn Nirve cruiser-gone-chopper today. Overall in decent condition, some surface rust, missing a seat spring (how does that even happen?), missing rear fender screw (again, how?!) and some wear. I've got some cleancut plans for this bike. It's got the typical 24"/26" wheel...
  5. fjernt

    Finally found a trike!

    Been looking for one for a while, even got a wanted ad out. One popped up a 15 min car ride away, for a very good price. I had to have it. Picked it up today, really good condition. Not sure what to do with it, except the obvious fatter tires. The frame is abit strange. Suggestions are very...
  6. fjernt

    Unicycle build off?

    Would be fun! Unicycles are pretty cheap to come by, and it would be a sort of minimalist build off. could be interesting to see alot of you guys's takes on it, plus, it would push us all to learn to ride one!
  7. fjernt

    The Capitalist.

    I decided to take this chance to join in on the build off, my first one at that. I've built/customized a few bikes, but this will be a first for me, using techniques I am not yet familiar with. I will keep this thread updated with pictures, notes, ideas and progress. This is the bike I will be...
  8. fjernt

    Antiquing, bare metal and preserving rust.

    A few questions bundled together here. First off, I want to antique a bike I recently bought. I have a brownish primer that I think will look very good, so my question is, can I just use the primer and nothing more? How will that hold up?`Can/should I clearcoat over it? On a different bike I'd...
  9. fjernt

    Why I need a trike.

    My friend laughed at me when I told him I wanted something like this. He wasn't laughing when I showed him these tho.. Builds by
  10. fjernt

    Ideas for old saddles / Saddle storage

    So while organizing some of my bike stuff I realized that storing saddles is pretty difficult, and had the idea to make sort of a bench with a bunch of seat posts, where I could have the saddles mounted until I needed them. A quick search on the web proved that I am not the first person to think...
  11. fjernt

    Kids Electra Rat Fink

    Heya. Found one of these in very good condition. Anyone got a ballpark value?
  12. fjernt

    Anyone else having issues uploading photos?

    Can't seem to upload. It goes to 100% then just gives me the message: The following error occurred There was a problem uploading your file. Anyone else or is it just me?
  13. fjernt

    Some Schwinn I.D and $$$ questions.

    Came across these sold locally, any info is much appreciated. At first I thought it was a OCC bike, but some google searches convinced me it's a "Spoiler". You rarely see bikes like this for sale here, so ofcourse the seller is asking a ridiculous amount. But it got me wondering, how much are...
  14. fjernt

    That slight back-and-forth play in the rear wheel with coaster brakes

    How the heck do I get rid of it? While braking on the pedals, I can rock the bike back and forth abit. Is there anything that can be done about this? It makes me feel like the bike is flimsy. PS, YES I've checked the arm. It's something else..:bigsmile:
  15. fjernt

    Tightening nexus 7 grip/ making it harder to shift

    Anyone know of a way to tighten the shifting on a nexus 7? I am making a suicide shifter, and I want a very long stick on it, so needs to be harder/tighter to shift so it dosent randomly move around. Any insight is appreciated as its also my first time working on a N7.
  16. fjernt

    Generic cruiser find (you decide what to do)

    Hi ho! Came across this spraycanned single-speed cruiser yesterday. Picked it up since it's in generally decent condition and it was dirt cheap, it also had a few features that I found interesting. On the train ride home I was actually approached by a guy who wanted to buy it for twice what I...
  17. fjernt

    Felt Flying Machine -Special-

    So! I took another ride on the train. 3 hours each way this time, to pick up this beauty. It's a Felt Flying Machine. But some sort of special edition. What makes it stand out from the normal one is the 7 speed gears, front drum brake and dynamo-driven headlight. The reear wheel is offset, which...
  18. fjernt

    A sneak peak at my Electras (Works in progress)

    Hi! Here are some pictures of my electras, as I got a few parts in today. There is still some missing, but they will arrive in the next few days. Anyway, let me know what you think. Here's my Electra Cruiser Lux 3i. So far I've added apes, a NOS Zoom BMX stem, Project 346 shifter, white grips...
  19. fjernt


    Hi everyone! I've been posting and using the collective know-how on this forum for a while now, so I figured it was about time I wrote one of these. I am a Norwegian guy in my late 20's, with a passion for pretty much anything old and interesting. I've been collecting and selling vintage/antique...
  20. fjernt

    Nirve coca-cola chopper

    Hello! So I rode the train into the capital today, planning on picking up several bikes, from several sellers that I found online. 1/3 actually showed, leaving me 2 hours and 40 bucks out of pocket. The one who showed was a very interesting bike tho, see below. The two who didn't, was a Felt...