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  1. Rev Paul

    Beeron Von Truckenstein

    Last year was my first time joining the fun. I built a class 1 bike and finished middle of the pack. This year I decided to try my hand in Class 2. I'm going to build a beer truck outta this old Huffy from my parts pile.
  2. Rev Paul

    Buzzin Buddha

    I'm going to build my first muscle bike. Based on this Buzz bike I received from a friend.
  3. Rev Paul

    Let's start another one

    After competing in my first build off I'm ready to start working on the next one!
  4. Rev Paul

    Joe Exotic

    Didn't get everything done that I wanted to.
  5. Rev Paul

    Electra leopard print grips

    Looking for a set of leopard print grips. Let me know what you have or know of any leads. Help me get parts for my Build off bike!
  6. Rev Paul

    46 CWC Roadmaster

    A friend just found this so I bought it from him
  7. Rev Paul

    Kickstand magazine

    Looking for issues of Kickstand magazine for purchase.
  8. Rev Paul

    BO15 Joe Exotic

    My first time attempting to build something that y'all will enjoy. Not sure where I'm heading with this build yet.
  9. Rev Paul

    What year is this Ross?

    My buddy picked this up. Just curious what he got.
  10. Rev Paul

    Custom seat post

    Built a custom seat post for my Phat LaSalle
  11. Rev Paul

    Show me your storage.

    How do you store your bikes? Mine are beginning to take over the garage. Looking for ideas.
  12. Rev Paul

    What did my wife buy for herself?

    My wife bought this for herself yesterday. She paid $60. Any clue of the year it is? She didn't get hurt on the price did she?
  13. Rev Paul

    Schwinn/OCC chopper fork info needed

    Can someone please tell me the length and diameter of the fork tubes on the Schwinn OCC chopper bikes?