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  1. Sparky Sharky

    Jungle Bike Becomes Bali Street Bomber

    Jungle Bike Becomes Bali Street Bomber This bike was found at a friend’s house in the jungle in Bali. It was wrapped in tiny vines and was a rusty, crusty mess; complete with a wasp nest under the saddle and other things growing on it. It had been there for some years. I took it and got it...
  2. Sparky Sharky

    How long to let BLO set?

    Just a quick question regarding setting time for a coat of BLO. Should I wait 1 day between coats or is 3-4 hours in the tropical sunshine enough? I am planning one wet sanding with 800 grit in between the two coats and after the second. Sound right so far? Thanks and I really appreciate all...
  3. Sparky Sharky

    Closest Beach to My House

    This is the closest beach to where I live in Bali (7.1k). This is a black sand beach on the west coast on a cloudy morning so it is not the greatest pic. As I expand my rides I plan to work my way down the coast, and more dramatic beaches and bigger waves. The jungle bike is totally in pieces...
  4. Sparky Sharky

    25% acetic acid vinegar for paint/rust removal?

    I'm in Bali and trying to do a jungle bike rustoration. Total newbie here. I have a found bike that was left in the jungle for a few years. I want to strip its paint down to at least some degree then keep it as is as a rust/ratrod bike. We have a local cheap vinegar that comes at 25%...
  5. Sparky Sharky

    Greetings From Bali!

    Hey there, American expat in Bali here. I really like the idea of this kind of a bike, and am hoping to restore a jungle bike I came across a few years ago. Seems to be a good candidate from what I can tell and I am looking for advice. Thanks a lot!