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  1. ponytailmike

    Cherry Bomb

    Hey All… Hope everyone is well… Some of you may remember this Schwinn frame from the fresh finds… viewtopic.php?f=16&t=16398&p=165394&hilit=ponytailmike#p165394 Well… I can proudly say this 35 year old Schwinn frame… Is now an actual Bicycle… I dug out some of the parts that I had been...
  2. ponytailmike

    Mack Jr (photochop??? 06*02*09)

    Mack Jr Went to an auction yesterday at an old salvage yard here in Liberty Mo… I was looking to buy one of the 150+ cars and trucks… I’ve been wanting to build an old rod for years… Just never had a chance… Well… Looks like I got my project… That's my Brother and his son in...
  3. ponytailmike

    got it for $20 dollars

    Hello All… Well I went to the ACME swap meet Saturday… Didn’t find a good frame for the build off… But I did get some good parts for this frame I found… A March of 1974 Schwinn frame… A 35 year old unbuilt 26 inch Schwinn cantilever frame… I couldn’t believe it… How could this frame...
  4. ponytailmike

    The Instigator new photos 05*25*09

    Hello everybody... Hope everyone has been well... The other night while I was eating breakfast at Waffle House after work... (I know... it sounds odd... i work 2nd shift and get off at 12:30...) mmmm...waffle I made a list of all the possible parts i could use... I carry a small pocket notebook...
  5. ponytailmike

    Mr. BF Goodrich (New Shoes)

    Hello All… We had a beautiful weekend here in the Midwest… The three warm days allowed me to get started on this years summer cruiser… About a month ago I picked up an old BF Goodrich built Schwinn from a Spokesman club member… viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13413 Thursday I spent about three hours...
  6. ponytailmike

    Late 30's Cleveland Welding build

    Hello all… It’s been a cold winter here in Missouri… I try to get out and play when it’s above 50 deg… Oh… How I long for warm summer days… We’ve had a few warm days here… And I try to make the most of them… I’ve managed to get most of this old Cleveland Welding together and functioning… In...
  7. ponytailmike

    9.98 BMX Bike

    Hope everyone has been doing well… Last Wednesday I was out cruising my local used bike shops (thrift stores)… Not finding much that I would even think about dragging home… Then at my last stop… I look through the bikes… Don’t see anything… Cruise the rest of the store… Then decide one last look...
  8. ponytailmike

    A 20 dollar middleweight for my little sister

    On a cold snowy day last week… I went in the local Salvation Army store… I hit all the usual spots in the store and low and behold… Much to my surprise… I see this old schwinn… I look for the price… And wow it’s marked $20… :shock: I look it over… It looks like it is mostly complete… 8)...
  9. ponytailmike

    30 dollar tanked Schwinn

    Hey all… I don’t usually post much here… But I had to share this story… A couple weeks ago… I was killing some time in an upscale bike store… Looking at and drooling over some new 1500 dollar mountain bikes… The service manager of the store comes over and asks me… SM…“Can I help you???” PTM…...
  10. ponytailmike

    Red Rocket Bomber

    Build Thread... viewtopic.php?f=27&t=10780 ponytailmike mike
  11. ponytailmike

    Red Rocket Bomber (almost done 11*18*08)

    Hey all Hope everyone is well... Not more than two weeks ago I made a statement "i'm telling myself "no new projects right now"... we'll see how long this last..." Then it happens... Some one said "Klunker and Build Off" in the same sentence Next thing I know i am looking around for a...
  12. ponytailmike

    Juggernaut the build continues (new photos 02*08*09)

    Hey all Hope everyone is doing well… This old Montgomery Wards Hawthorne is the bike I started in RRBO III…. build off III viewtopic.php?f=24&t=9215 final picts viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9784 i bought the frame and started this build on July 27 Not enough time during the week to work on her… So I...
  13. ponytailmike

    The Juggernaut

    Well here she is The Juggetnaut is on the prowl Got the fenders on I still think the fenders need something to break things up a little but that’s to come here are the spec 1959? Wards Hawthorne frame CMC 26 x 1.75 heavy duty rims 26 x 2.5 Maxxis Hookworm tires Sakae 28 38 48 oval tech...
  14. ponytailmike

    The Juggernaut

    Hey all… I’m hoping to find everyone happy and healthy… What a summer!!! I’ve been so busy!!! Got a new job (that’s short for “just over broke”)…. Been working to many hours to play with my bikes… I had really thought I would sit this one out… But then it happened… I went to a swap meet July...
  15. ponytailmike


    got a chrome question i've cleaned and polished lots of chrome in the past and had real good luck on my bikes if the rust starts to pop back i just keep after it no big deal for me but Sam's bike(one of my current builds) will be at college probley will get left out in the rain once in a while...
  16. ponytailmike

    Sam's New Bike

    The other day while out working on one of my bikes. A neighborhood college girl stopped at my driveway. She asked me if I had any bikes for sale. I showed her what was in the back yard. But I didn’t have quite what she was wanting. I told her I was going to a swap meet the next day and I would...
  17. ponytailmike

    Fixie Boardtracker

    This is one of my current projects It’s an AMF built Roadmaster Voyager I’d say form the 70’s This started life as a cantilever frame lightweight 26x1 3/8 coaster brake Bought it at a thrift store for $14.99 last winter When I saw it I had the inspiration to build a fixie Not the normal road...
  18. ponytailmike

    The Baby Deluxe

    gotta say "love how everyone's build turned out" :D :D :D the before the after i had a blast :D :D :D ponytailmike mike
  19. ponytailmike

    BoilerMaker #47

    BoilerMaker #47 This is my latest ride. It’s a 49 Huffman built skiptooth frame. I found the frame in pict data base. The date is from their serial # chart.. The Huffman serial # are a little sketchy. I also found the same frame in a 41 Huffman catalog at...
  20. ponytailmike

    how to wax a chain

    I recently picked up an old bike from the 40’s with a crusty old skip tooth chain. Most all the rollers were frozen and it was very stiff. I started by soaking it down with some Liquid Wrench (I’ve had very good luck with this product.) I was able to free all but one roller with the Liquid...