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  1. Imaginos

    Raleigh Retro Ride 4

    Worth it? Kind of like the styling. It's been posted before. Hoping someone will say something negative because I bring home another bike and I may get kicked out of the house and end up living in a van...
  2. Imaginos


    picked up this 10 speed today. Made in Canada. Probably 1970s.
  3. Imaginos

    Austrian Built Sears 9 speed

    CL ad says its made in Austria by Puch, with 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub with 3 external cogs for a series of 9. Looks interesting, but I'm wondering the 3 speed hub. Is it an SA, or something else, and if something else, is it something that can be serviced and repaired? Asking price is $120.00.
  4. Imaginos

    Penn Speed

    At Goodwill. Front badge (sticker) says Penney. Any comments? Did JC Penney sell bikes? Needs a lot of work but might be a fun basis for a build someday.
  5. Imaginos

    Murray Venture on CL

    Anyone have an opinion on this CL bike? It's listed for $50. description is "Vintage Murray early 60s" Chainguard says "Venture." I have no doubt its a Murray from the shape of the dropouts.
  6. Imaginos

    Hawthorne and Fireball

    My son outgrew his 16 inch bike so I've been looking for something to replace it. Had to make a business trip 250 miles from home and checked CL and found this flashy 18 inch Dyno Fireball. Chinese made, I think, but good for a 7 year old. And picked it up the day before his birthday party...
  7. Imaginos

    Hello from San Antonio

    I'm way overdue to post this intro. Got back on my bike in 2016 when I got my then 5-year-old a little Ninja Turtles bike at a local sporting goods store. I was riding my old Cannondale MTB with him. Having him on a bike inspired me to haul my first bike out and consider fixing it up for him...
  8. Imaginos

    simplex cruiser

    Anybody got an idea what this is? I haven't found a picture of a simplex bike that looks like this and simplex manufacturing in New Orleans was a motorcycle company from what I find on google.