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  1. Kevin B

    Interesting Story about Velomobile seen on Roads Here

    This Velomobile trike has caused quite a stir around here
  2. Kevin B

    Potential RRBO Model Kit

    Kind of pricey at $30+ but I could see one of you all building this in the kit bash build off.
  3. Kevin B

    Ratty Christmas Ornaments

    Usually ornaments are diamond frames. These are more cruisers. I was looking for this ornament which I have been meaning to get. Old World brand cruiser ornament. Then I found these totally ratable ornaments Gallery II brand from Target, eBay and etc. Top ornament blown glass, bottom two...
  4. Kevin B

    A Couple of more Recent Acquisitions

    I was given this of Huffy Sante Fe. The chrome steel wheels were very rusty. I cleaned the wheels with vinegar and waxed them. My daughter wants this one. I am going to paint it Pearl Metallic Champagne Pink per her request. Used a 3M type decal remover rubber wheel to get the graphics...
  5. Kevin B

    Schwinn Cruiser SS

    A friend just gave me this bike that he picked up for free with an App it was offered on for free pick up. It is a Schwinn Cruiser SS, apparently from 2007-08. It has this stamped on the BB "SNTCA07H00488." These were LBS only Schwinns not the big box store frames with the fat down tubes...
  6. Kevin B

    Fairgrounds and Carnival Motodromes

    Anyone else remember going to these? When the Florida State Fair was in downtown Tampa I went to these a couple of times in the sixties. Loud and scary to a little kid. Most of the bikes smoked and seemed run down but it was a serious thrill. The riders came very close to the top rail as...
  7. Kevin B

    Mark Forums Read

    Is the "Mark forums read" feature new? I really like that.
  8. Kevin B

    1965 Schwinn Tandem

    Not mine but my son in-law recently was gifted this tandem Schwinn. We aired it up, adjusted the seats and bars and cleaned the dust off it and lubed the bike. Rides great. I'm envious.
  9. Kevin B

    Mounting a Motorcycle Mirror I got a great deal on . . .

    I have heard you can hit algorithms just right on Amazon and catch a great deal. The other day they had one of these mirrors left and the price said $2.24. I bought the last one and immediately the price from third party vendors went to $26.95. Same at Summit and elsewhere. The mirror came...
  10. Kevin B

    I Like This - Especially the Seat

    Check out this bike. Anyone know what seat it is?
  11. Kevin B

    Childhood Bicycle Racing Memory Thread (Feel free to post yours)

    Lately I have been thinking about my earliest bicycling days. After I outgrew my kick scooter my parents got me a JC Penney's Swinger like this. This one isn't mine (I found it online) But it is like mine. Between 1967 and probably 1970 a bunch of the local boys would race our bikes (muscle...
  12. Kevin B

    A Lowly NEXT cruiser

    Found this NEXT 3 speed cruiser at the curb out for the trash. The owner said I could have it. Aired up the back tire and threw a front tire on it. Didn't have a seat post but my Schwinn mountain bike used the same 26.8 post so I could test it. Shifts great. Has some squall and grind to the...
  13. Kevin B

    Wheel Help - I messed up!

    I got a wheel from the trash someone threw away. The tire was shredded and dry rotted. I threw it away after recording info from the tire on a duct tape note on the wheel that reads 26" x 1 3/8". The problem is when I tried to mount a regular 26" cruiser tire 2.125 on the rim the tire was too...
  14. Kevin B

    Reviving Track Racing?

    I wonder if there would be enough interest if a vintage track bicycle league was started? Maybe on small indoor ovals? Not the aero stuff of today but some down and dirty bikes. I think people would watch it if it was promoted and exciting. It would probably have to be local using some...
  15. Kevin B

    The Simplicity of it All

    Sometimes I think about bicycles and their sheer simplicity. Their sparse technology is especially true of the timeless single speed coaster brake bikes. I used MS Paint to label the basic rotating points of a cruiser. On my first attempt I overlooked the pedals. To me the minimalist theme...
  16. Kevin B

    Old Catalogues to Find Our First Bikes

    I found two sites that archive old department store catalogues. They are great for looking back in time. Wish Book Web Christmas Catalogues and Holiday Wish Books I found my first bike of page 191 of the 1968 J.C. Penney Christmas Catalogue. Mine was the $39 bike but not as shown. Mine was...
  17. Kevin B

    I Knew Someone Must Have Made One of These . . .

    Sorry to choose this forum section. It seems like we have a lot of pedal car chatter on here but no dedicated place. Apologies for a four wheel thread. The So- Cal Speed Shop "Belly Tanker," is one of the most iconic hotrods ever built (And I am a person who thinks "Iconic" is over used). I...
  18. Kevin B

    Very Versatile Bicycle Lights

    Versatile Bicycle Light You guys probably already knew about these. I Just discovered some versatile bicycle lights for customizing. They come in different anodized finishes, and are sold under different names. I ’ve found them in front and rear lights. Here is one example at Amazon Example...
  19. Kevin B

    Remember when . . .

    A friend sent me one of those "Remember when . . ." emails and I thought you all might appreciate 3 that were bike related.
  20. Kevin B

    Saw this "Tom Cat" tail light . . .

    Saw this "Tom Cat" tail light on eBay. I think it would be a great start for a bike theme. At $39 I'm out. Still maybe an orange and black stripped paint job. Animal print seat upholstery, Brian Seltzer belting out the "Stray Cat Strut." Even add an old Esso/Exxon tiger tail promo.