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  1. rydr1

    Felt 1903 sprocket

    I have this one. It needs a good cleaning, maybe even sanding and paint, after my shed flooded and I didn't find out it was under water months later.
  2. rydr1

    Found Felt cruiser grips

    Looking for some Felt Coke bottle grips with the chrome ends. Black or brown will work and grips don't have to be new. Thanks
  3. rydr1

    Felt Quick Bricks Whitewall Classic lettering

    Selling this set of whitewall Felt Quick Bricks 26x2.125 tires in great shape. $80 plus shipping or best offer Locate in a San Marcos CA.
  4. rydr1

    FELT Cruiser Parts (what's left)

    ^this is sad to hear. This was place had a lot of cool stuff. On an another, E-bikes have changed the bike industry tremendously.
  5. rydr1

    REDUCED FELT Hurley Frame - $50 not a joke!

    Was holding this bike frame for a forum member, but the deal fell through. Willing to take a reasonable offer. Thanks
  6. rydr1

    My custom Felt Evel Knievel build

    How did you get the decals too look so good on there. Did you powder coat or paint it? Thanks
  7. rydr1

    WTB Felt MP Cruiser saddlebag and headlight

    These are for reference, but I'll keep an eye out for another Felt bag. BTW, does your bike have the front generator hub?
  8. rydr1

    WTB Felt MP Cruiser saddlebag and headlight

    Hopefully it's not too late, but I barely found both items I was looking for so here is the bag and headlight.
  9. rydr1

    Overcomplicated Suicide Shifters

    I am here for the creativity! Air vent gear piece. That is one awesome looking shifter.
  10. rydr1

    glide deluxe

    Good old Dyno. Really awesome bikes. Congrats.
  11. rydr1

    WTB Felt MP Cruiser saddlebag and headlight

    Any black headlight should work. The early stock Felt MP came with a front generator hub that will power the 3 watt bulb in the stock headlight and will only light about 1 foot in front of the bike. I'll post up some pics of the stock headlight and what I currently have on it. The stock felt...
  12. rydr1

    SOLD Felt 26x50mm wheels set and Quick bricks $220

    -SOLD- Selling a set of red Felt 26x50mm single speed wheel set with front large hub on a used set of whitewall quick bricks. One of the tires has the lettering wiped out $220 plus shipping or best offer. Located in San Marcos CA. Local pick up welcomed.
  13. rydr1

    SOLD Felt Thick Bricks set $60

    Now $60 local pickup or plus shipping.
  14. rydr1

    Supporting Membership w/ Rat Rod Bikes Decal

    This has been my all time favorite logo from RRB. Signed up for the membership, I swear it wasn't for the decals, but how do I send you my info? :113:
  15. rydr1

    Latest build, Huffy Board Tracker

    Such a good looking bike. Can you build me an Indian replica? :thumbsup:
  16. rydr1

    SOLD Electra Super Deluxe 3I

    This is an awesome bike. I'm looking for the women's version of this. I would say be patient and you will get a buyer. Post it on offerup as well. I haven't used EBay in a while since they take so much money in fees now.
  17. rydr1

    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    This is the original Felt fork. These are the same that came on the Felt Hot wheels 68 as well. Here is a pic of my old 68.
  18. rydr1

    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    -SOLD- Selling my Felt El Guapo single speed in great conditions. First picture is after I cleaned it up a bit. Completely stock with the 24x50mm wheels and 24x3" Thick Bricks. Comes with the Zoom fork and 15" ape hanger handlebars. $500 or best offer plus shipping May consider part out if it...