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  1. schwinnmesa

    Got screwed on eBay...

    I bought a laptop from a newbie seller on eBay that had 100% feedback but from only 1 selling transaction. Man, will I never do that again! The laptop smells horribly of cigarette smoke, the listing specified the wrong RAM and GHz specs, the outside cover has scratches and an impression from...
  2. schwinnmesa

    The CL isn't what it used to be...

    Does anyone else miss how the CL operated a couple years ago? Remember when everyone was stuck with having little pics since they uploaded directly through craigslist while you uploaded yours through a 3rd party hosting site and pasted the code that rendered a HUGE image that made your selling...
  3. schwinnmesa

    Bicycle tree house elevator

    I thought this was pretty genius. :lol:
  4. schwinnmesa

    Spaceliner inspection today - Wish me luck!

    I went to the Secretary of State and a guy there said he never heard about people putting these 66cc/80cc engine kits on their bicycles to assemble mopeds, legally speaking. :lol: Since I don't have a VIN I guess my bike has to be inspected. I've been riding my Spaceliner illegally for about 2...
  5. schwinnmesa

    How old is this antique street light base / pole?

    My dad picked this up and is curious as to where it came from originally and when. Does anyone have any ideas? It's 12 feet with both pieces and smells good.
  6. schwinnmesa

    Bicycle impressions

    This isn't that bad but the pain reminded me of when I was younger getting hurt all the time. Someone remind me to shave! What was your most memorable bicycle injury??
  7. schwinnmesa

    Rat rod pedal car found at the dump

    lol, it even has real bullet holes!!!! I've never seen a pedal car as bad as this one but for some reason it followed me home. :lol: It's too new for my taste -- 1960s. It'll be good yard art though. :wink:
  8. schwinnmesa

    Schwinn for the old man

    I got an old Schwinn this morning for the price of a pizza (Little Caesar's) :lol: and I think it'll be a good Christmas gift for the old man. Yes, my father likes women's bikes... it's weird. I hope he doesn't see this. :oops: Anyways, it has a triple banded 2-speed automatic hub...
  9. schwinnmesa

    I'm at college right now...

    And have spent the last 3 hours working on all of these pointless chemistry problems with little to no real world application whatsoever!! These core classes are driving me nuts! Can anyone relate? I can't wait to get out of here!!! Rant over... sorry, I had to! :lol:
  10. schwinnmesa

    1985 Back to the Future skateboard!!

    It was just before class when I visited the scrap yard and found an old school Back to the Future skateboard staring at me!! I had to have it! :mrgreen: Before cleaning: After cleaning:
  11. schwinnmesa

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  12. schwinnmesa

    1937 Women's Columbia off the CL for $35

    These old bikes are a pain to fit in my little Oldsmobile car. Bike racks are amazing... Anywho, here she is... pretty full and ugly. Maybe the tank horn works? Hmmmm... doubt it. It's pretty toasty, just the way we like 'em, right? :lol: The seat is definitely not original along with the...
  13. schwinnmesa

    My New Toy...

    250 Beta Trials bike!!! :mrgreen:
  14. schwinnmesa


    Is anyone going to college this fall?
  15. schwinnmesa

    80cc Spaceliner Board Track Bike

    Before: In the meantime: Ready for the engine with bigger wheels and tires: Almost!!!: Done!!!:
  16. schwinnmesa

    80cc idling too high -- RESOLVED!!!! :)

    Hey guys. I have an 80cc bike engine and there is a problem. The RPMs are way too high and I can't slow it down using the carburetor adjustment screw; there is zero effect. The choke works fine. When the bike is on its kickstand, the RPMs are the same as if it was haulin' down the road...
  17. schwinnmesa

    RRB in 2006... Go back in time!!!

    Do any other oldies remember this forum design? Haha. Look at all of Steve's posts -- all 117 of them!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: What does that compare to now? :shock: It's amazing to see how much this site is growing! For cryin' out loud, look how many more members there are!!! :lol...
  18. schwinnmesa

    A better way to remove 3-piece cranks?

    Like, seriously!!! It's just a joke!! I swear, it's the most barbaric thing that I've ever done -- swinging the rubber mallet like there is no tomorrow!!! Is there some sort of tool that I can use to remove 3-piece cranks? It's just such a pain. Is there a better way rather than removing...
  19. schwinnmesa

    1959 Schwinn Rat Rod

    Getting rid of grandpa's estate, this young guy was selling 4 bikes on craigslist that have been sitting in an attic for years!!! This '59 Schwinn was in the mix so I popped! Here it is now. It is one more bike on the road with new rubber and 52 prior years of existence and many more down the...
  20. schwinnmesa

    1959 Schwinn Rat Rod

    I'm starting with a bike that I found on craigslist for $6.25 (four bikes for twenty-five bucks, haha). It's a '59 Schwinn and I love it. Photo taken 30 June 2011.