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  1. Sparky Sharky


    My wife makes pancit (pangsit here in Bali) that rocks my world! Not exactly health food, but that's what the pedals are for!
  2. Sparky Sharky


  3. Sparky Sharky

    Ne'er-do-well *Deluxe*

    BLO might look great on your ride. In Bali it is quite humid and the BLO coat on my bike is holding strong, although I'm happy to re apply once a year!
  4. Sparky Sharky

    A Lengthy Insanity

    What have you got there? Looks a bit Red Oscarish at a glance. I miss the monsters (Arawana and Fire Eel esp.) in the middle of my living room. Cheers!
  5. Sparky Sharky

    Getting to Know Matti

    I was in a band called Dot3; we were more like the Minutemen with more funk, or the Big Boys out of Austin. We were based in SF and San Jose, and we never were more than a local "cult" band. DOA were awesome. We did a cover of their Edwin Starr cover of War (What is It Good For") and funked it...
  6. Sparky Sharky

    Strip dragger

    THAT is distinctive!
  7. Sparky Sharky

    Getting to Know Matti

    I fondly remember O'Keefe's Extra Old Stock ( High Test Eh!) from punk rock tours into your lovely BC back in the 80's!
  8. Sparky Sharky

    What's cooking?

    Cooking vegan chili: kidney beans, water, thai chilis, sheephead chilis (devil chilis), sweet Italian chilis, cayenne chilis, garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, black pepper, kosher salt. This is because of economics only! Ground beef is the most welcome addition...
  9. Sparky Sharky

    What's cooking?

    Vegetarian Bean Burritos with whole wheat tortillas and salsa, all homemade. Where I live we have great fresh food and way overpriced imported goods, so it is cheaper and healthier to make it yourself. By necessity I can do just about anything but make cheese by now!
  10. Sparky Sharky

    What's cooking?

    Just had a smoked chicken and cheese sub on a homemade baguette with homemade dill pickles, tomato & lettuce. Plus a few squirts of olive oil and starfruit vinegar sauce. Put a smile on my face!
  11. Sparky Sharky

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    And also, the 70's cherry red paint job with the blood and guts pick guard are really great!
  12. Sparky Sharky

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Classic as anything!
  13. Sparky Sharky

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    That is a beauty. Do you know what the original paint job was?
  14. Sparky Sharky

    1947 girls JC Higgins 4 Star

    Awesome comment!
  15. Sparky Sharky

    Tweaker's Rehab - Continued

    Super Cool!
  16. Sparky Sharky

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Also fans of classical Indian music and John Mclaughlin & Shakti / Mahavishnu!
  17. Sparky Sharky

    Closest Beach to My House

    Absolutely! I make wine out of all kinds of fruit here. It is my go to buzz. Making a batch of watermelon wine in an hour or two!
  18. Sparky Sharky

    Home on The Range

    Bali too. I changed my route as the tourists started coming back. Now back roads through subdivisions and rice/banana fields. Still figuring it out but I got ran into the gutter too many times, and gutters here are about 3 feet deep!
  19. Sparky Sharky

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    3 Frankensteinian Rat Rods: My Bali Bomber / Anti-Klunker in back. Left: Totally franked out fretless Jazz w/ Precision neck. ...... II bridge and emg pickups (originally '75-'76) but with everything but the body replaced and redone. Right: My workhorse. A '77 P-Bass with Dimarzio Jazz at the...