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  1. rydr1

    Found Felt cruiser grips

    Looking for some Felt Coke bottle grips with the chrome ends. Black or brown will work and grips don't have to be new. Thanks
  2. rydr1

    Felt Quick Bricks Whitewall Classic lettering

    Selling this set of whitewall Felt Quick Bricks 26x2.125 tires in great shape. $80 plus shipping or best offer Locate in a San Marcos CA.
  3. rydr1

    SOLD Felt 26x50mm wheels set and Quick bricks $220

    -SOLD- Selling a set of red Felt 26x50mm single speed wheel set with front large hub on a used set of whitewall quick bricks. One of the tires has the lettering wiped out $220 plus shipping or best offer. Located in San Marcos CA. Local pick up welcomed.
  4. rydr1

    SOLD Felt El Guapo

    -SOLD- Selling my Felt El Guapo single speed in great conditions. First picture is after I cleaned it up a bit. Completely stock with the 24x50mm wheels and 24x3" Thick Bricks. Comes with the Zoom fork and 15" ape hanger handlebars. $500 or best offer plus shipping May consider part out if it...
  5. rydr1

    REDUCED Electra front tray/rack $20

    I have been hoarding this for some time and doesn't look like I will use it. Needs lower mounting hardware for it. Came off an Electra Townie, but I believe it will work on the Delivery models as well and can be custom mounted to other bikes. Color is more of a peach hue rather than tan. $20...
  6. rydr1

    SOLD Felt Thick Bricks set $60

    -SOLD- Selling the 24x3" Felt Thick Brick tires that are in great shape. $60 plus shipping or local pickup -SOLD- a set of used single speed Felt 24"x50mm wheels in red. Will come with deep dish rear cog and axle nuts. $175 plus shipping or best offer. Located in San Marcos Ca. Local pick up...
  7. rydr1

    SOLD Felt Kingpin

    Selling my Felt Kingpin single speed. All original stock items are installed on bike except for the handlebar grip end caps and bowling pin valve stems. Aluminum frame with the 26"x50mm wheels and brown quick brick tires. Bike has some minor weathering and minor dent and scratches. $650 $500 or...
  8. rydr1

    REDUCED FELT Hurley Frame - $50 not a joke!

    I am clearing out my shed and need to move this frame. $50 for everything you see in the pictures. It's basically a complete Hurley frame without wheels and tires. Local pickup only in San Marcos CA. This thing was mistreated, please reference pictures before purchase as this bike was left...
  9. rydr1

    SOLD Felt Hot Wheels 68

    It is time for me to move my Felt Hot wheels 68. I'm going to try a local sale first and go from there. I am also open to offers. I am the second owner and have only ridden it a handful of times. The bike will be sold completely stock. -Headlight is not included in sale 7/4/19: Sold-
  10. rydr1

    Der Rote Baron - Felt Red Baron

    I have finally finished my first build off bike after 6 years on the forum. This is by no means a complete custom bike like some of the other builds, but a lot of ideas crossed my mind seeing some of those other awesome custom builds. I won't name any because there are way too many to list. In...
  11. rydr1

    Der Rote Baron - Felt Red Baron

    I picked up this bike over two years ago, rode it down the street the day I got it and hung it up ever since. I have always found this exact Felt bike, or should I say paint job, with the story of the Red Baron to be interesting. It was time to do something with it. The only things I see...
  12. rydr1

    Electra Vince turned custom Indian bike

    I picked up a Vince that needed work, but instead of cleaning it up I decided to change it up. This bike always reminded me of the Indian motorcycles for some reason, so I built it based off of that. A few changes are still on the way and additions are still on the way, but this is as complete...
  13. rydr1

    Tour de Fat San Diego 9/29/12

    Anyone here going to go to the Tour de Fat in the San Diego area? Hopefully the weather cools off by then.
  14. rydr1

    Anyone in Fort Collins that can ship a bike for me?

    I have been looking for one of these bikes for my wife for a few months now, is there anyone that can give me a hand in getting this thing shipped to California if the deal goes through? If someone can pick it up, PM me and let me know how much your time will cost. Thanks guys...
  15. rydr1

    Custom Felt - Bullet?

    So it was time that I got back to work on my custom Felt. This has been on the back burner since my baby girl was born, that was over 10 months ago. :shock: So I decided to take this bike back apart yesterday, true the wheels, and continue cleaning the frame. The results are shown below. I am...
  16. rydr1

    Schwinn coaster brake (help needed)

    I was cleaning up a 1978 schwinn pixie for my coworker's kid, it was almost ready till the thing did not brake. I took apart the rear coaster brake assembly and found a spring broken that wraps around the axle. This is a Shimano Mighty Mite hub. Can anyone help me find this part or a...
  17. rydr1

    Finally Found the Felt MP I've been looking for!

    So when I was first introduced to Felt cruisers I wanted the 1903 and an MP. I have purchased and then sold a few Felts because it didn't satisfy the itch. I have finally came across the older aluminum frame MP that I was waiting and hoped that I would someday find. Now I have a dilemma; I...
  18. rydr1

    Had to post this pic...

    I went to the Oceanside beach today and they had Operation Appreciation for the armed forces and I took this pic: additional pics. Thanks to the men and woman that are serving and the people that helped make this event possible. It was cool. They even had a bomb squad there.
  19. rydr1

    question on Inner tubes for Fat Frank tires

    I don't know if I'm looking too much into this, but I would like to know if a 2.125 inner tube will work okay on the 2.35 Fat frank tires with a 2" wide rim? I was also planning on getting a 2.5 inner tube, but I don't know if its overkill. If anyone with experience can help me out that would be...
  20. rydr1

    Felt Chief owners, or any felt bike owner

    I wanted to give you guys a heads up on what can happen to our Felt bikes if they are kept in the sun too long: ... 93211.html I have seen some fading happen to other bike, but this is extreme. I also purchased a used Felt Claire a while back that was...