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  1. RustySprockets

    Message from Stop, Swap, & Save

    The organizers express their sincere gratitude and announce the date for next year's event.
  2. RustySprockets

    The Best Explanation of Chain Stretch

    Rob Jacob posted this vid earlier today, demonstrating the accumulation of wear that the cycling community has come to know as 'chain stretch.' Old news to many of us, but confusion still seems to rear its head from time-to-time. Chains don't actually stretch, you know...
  3. RustySprockets

    RIP Betty White

  4. RustySprockets

    25th Annual Stop, Swap & Save -- Westminster, MD

    Mark your calendars!
  5. RustySprockets

    Pair of Indian Bicycles -- $750 (Jarrettsville, MD)

    What a week for bike finds! Up for grabs here is a matched set of his & hers 1950s Indian three-speed racers--one Princess and one Scout. Not small coin, but I understand these are quite collectible.
  6. RustySprockets

    Ladies Schwinn 'the World' -- $250 (Millersville, MD)

    What a delightful survivor! This one is so original it deserves to be listed on the CABE. But, I know my fellow members here are general bike nuts--this one needs a conservator. Only missing the chain guard and Rocket Ray headlamp, but dig that Packard swan...
  7. RustySprockets

    Pre-war Ladies Western Flyer -- $40 (Towson, MD)

    UPDATE: Price has been reduced to $40 for the bike + an extra Hawthorne frame with stem and lucky 7 seatpost. Unfortunately, the head badge was already sold separately. :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another Cinderella bike dressed in red...
  8. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Hornet + parts bike -- $250 (Towson, MD)

    1952 Hornet in reasonably complete and sound condition. Deal includes a saddle-less Hollywood to strip for parts or build. (see photos in the link)
  9. RustySprockets

    Huffy Liquidator - $60 (Glen Arm, MD)

    Rusty chrome, but appears to be complete and, most importantly, includes the T-handle shifter!
  10. RustySprockets

    Three Schwinn Bikes -- FREE, w/ conditions (Baltimore, MD)

    A nice-looking Schwinn Trailway and two siblings at a very attractive price--$0.00! The catch? They need to be picked up this Wednesday, 11's the only day the 'seller' will be in town. Someone please rescue these...
  11. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Heavy-Duti -- $220 (Catonsville, MD)
  12. RustySprockets

    Ladies LandRider -- $25 (Westminster, MD)

    If you've ever been curious about these self-shifters, here's your chance to get one at a rock-bottom price. In the current sales climate, the tires alone are worth the fare. Wish it were closer to me.
  13. RustySprockets

    New Wheel Building Videos from Park Tool

    Park Tool just posted these two vids and, I gotta admit, they're pretty well done and easy to follow for the neophyte builder. Calvin explains spoke length calculations: Truman laces the wheel:
  14. RustySprockets

    Nice Save by Old Shovel

  15. RustySprockets

    Dyno Cruiser and Friend -- $30 (White Marsh, MD)

    You can tell by the title that this ad is for two of them a blue Dyno-Glide! It's stable mate is only a beat up La Jola, but who cares?
  16. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Hollywood Carcass -- $15 (Rosedale, MD)

    Okay, it's not exactly a roller, but maybe someone can use the parts.
  17. RustySprockets

    Late '40s Ladies JC Higgins -- free? (Kingsley, PA)

    A rusty old gal that is WAY out of my area. Price is listed as $0, so maybe gratis? I'm hoping someone lives nearby--it would be a real shame to lose those skirts and saddle.
  18. RustySprockets

    What happened to the For Sale/Wanted/Ebay Finds categories?

    That whole section is absent from the forum now. If I try the "CLASSIFIEDS" heading at the top of the page, I just get a big Nope.
  19. RustySprockets

    Pair Wards Hawthornes -- $200 (Baltimore MD)

    These are the same two bikes I had mentioned earlier in Fresh Finds. The seller has re-listed them. EDIT: They've already dropped the price twice. I wonder how much it'll be tomorrow?
  20. RustySprockets


    Got a line on these two rough gems and hope to have them in my possession by week's end. The blue bike is a ladies Wards Hawthorne, minus its tank and chainguard. Not sure what to make of the other one. Sweetheart ring and chainguard suggest Schwinn, but the fork says otherwise.