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  1. BentRims

    Da FLY!

  2. BentRims

    Vintage Schwinn straight bar on Craigs

    Not mine but someone put a little :inlove: in it Schwinn
  3. BentRims

    Swiss Army Bicycles

    Craigslist Idaho
  4. BentRims

    ATOMIC Strand!

    That was Fun and the Wife is Lay'n claim to this bike :shake: Dirt Trail Pic :rockout: Da Booty Pic :tmi: On your Left Sir! :39: Standard Side Pic :happy: The $15.95 Thrift Store Pic, I got some silly looks wheel'n this out the store :crazy: Build Thread Here $16.00 Bike $15.00 in...
  5. BentRims

    BO15 ATOMIC Strand!

    I might not make in time, but I'll give a go with a basic build of this $15.00 Thrift Store buy last weekend. Early to mid 80's EVAN Ocean Side 26" Strand Crusier? In very rough shape.
  6. BentRims

    BMX Style Cruiser Bars, Can I get some options Please.

    Alright folks, I'm Tinkering with this Mid-90's cruiser and trying to get that Sweet spot in a BMX Cruiser Bar at a affordable price :blackeye: The stock bars have a ton of up-sweep but no Back-sweep, 27" wide is nice though. I've tried the S&M Big Honks, No sweep back. Yuck Felt Bars, nice...
  7. BentRims

    Firmstrong Chief Cruiser? Any Taller Riders tried one? 6'2+

    Hope this is the right place for this? Has anyone tried the Firmstrong Chief Cruiser for sizing? Any Taller Riders tried one? I"m 6'2 and soo tried of being on latter end of bikes? There isn't much on these Spec wise either? I'm assuming it's a HI-TIN frame as apposed to a full CRO-MO Frame...