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  1. Imaginos

    were do you drawl the line? how many bikes are 1 to many?

    One more than I have?
  2. Imaginos

    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    Without the lift and painted green and that's my grandfather's truck. One of the first vehicles I ever drove. No license, just shoveling out the barn and fertilizing my grandparents' one acre garden.
  3. Imaginos

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    If I were serious, I wouldn't be buying a bike. Riding makes me happy. I get paid to be serious.
  4. Imaginos

    Raleigh Retro Ride 4

    That's an issue. Lots of hills here.
  5. Imaginos

    Raleigh Retro Ride 4

    Worth it? Kind of like the styling. It's been posted before. Hoping someone will say something negative because I bring home another bike and I may get kicked out of the house and end up living in a van...
  6. Imaginos


    Welcome from the Alamo City.
  7. Imaginos

    "Yesterday's Forum Activities"

    I like this feature as well. Bikes are on the backburner while I try to finish some major landscaping projects but its fun to watch what's going on here.
  8. Imaginos

    New guy in Florida... And new life for a Trash Huffy

    You can put apes on the next bike. Or the one after that.
  9. Imaginos

    New guy in Florida... And new life for a Trash Huffy

    Looks good. I went the other way on my good vibration huffy and did apes and banana seat. It's a very comfortable bike.
  10. Imaginos

    A bike with no brand

    Is that like a horse with no name?
  11. Imaginos

    Hello from Houston

    Hello from a former resident now living in a part of Texas not susceptible to Hurricanes.
  12. Imaginos

    Fantastic New Guy

    Stopped going. Bikes are cheaper than shrinks.
  13. Imaginos

    Fantastic New Guy

    I ended up IN therapy as a result of this forum. "I can't help it doc, I have bikes stacked up in the garage and parts everywhere and half a dozen unfinished projects but can't help but look for more bikes!"
  14. Imaginos

    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    Don't worry. We're mostly illiterate here.
  15. Imaginos

    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    Black is a safe bet, but also fairly uninteresting. What contrasting color?
  16. Imaginos

    anyone dress up just for an event

    Missed Scarborough Faire this year.
  17. Imaginos

    anyone dress up just for an event

    And then there's Halloween. This is my old chainsaw relegated to being run once a year with no chain. Probably miss this year. Darn virus.
  18. Imaginos

    Recovery recoveries...

    As I understand these things, free food has no calories. It only stands to reason a free bike has no weight. So it's well under the 20 lb limit. Take care!