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  1. 1OldGI

    Tire fitment Huffy Premier

    So I'm shopping for new shoes for my Redneck CX, a Huffy premier. I'd like to go as wide as I can. I know for fact 29 x 2.2 tires won't work. Anyone running 29 x 2.0 or 700 x 50s on one of these? I've currently got a set of 29 x 2.0 Thick Slicks inbound for another bike but was hoping you guys...
  2. 1OldGI

    My Latest Hair-brained Scheme

    So I've got a line on an older Huffy Good Vibrations frame that's cheap and in good shape. I have a spare 26" Huffy wheel set off a Nel Lusso. I also have a single 26 x 2.3 Krad (I'm thinking use this in the back.) My front tire would be a 26 x 1.25 Bontrager slick. And for the coup de gras, a...
  3. 1OldGI

    Can I Get Away with This?

    I have a set of 27.5 x 2.0 Thick Slicks. Can I run them on a 700/29 rim? What tubes should I use? Maximum PSI?
  4. 1OldGI

    Gearing Question

    So my current quest is a Nel Lusso based ....... Beach Bum Klunker named Nuthin's Easy. I still need to disassemble and grease the rear hub but the gearing seems a bit tall. Hills are not really a factor. However, 1. I'm an old man and. 2. I typically use my klunkers for serious long rides. 3...
  5. 1OldGI

    My Redneck CX Bike

    Really fun bike to ride, it needs a pedal upgrade (I'm thinking old school rat traps.) It also has a very slight, but ever so annoying front wheel hop. What's the fix for this?
  6. 1OldGI

    Big bars on an old Schwinn

    I recently procured a set of Renthal motocross bars. The clamp diameter is 28.6mm. I'd like to use them in the klunkification of my 77 Schwinn Typhoon. However, it seems that anything that will fit the 13/16" steer tube has a clamp diameter way too small for these bars. What do I need to set...
  7. 1OldGI

    Hookworms on 80mm rims

    I'm thinking about a set of Maxxis Hookworms for my fat bike with 26 x 80mm rims. I've heard and read everything from they fit great, no problems to don't bother they totally don't fit. Since I've seen on this very site 80mm rims with 2.125 tires installed, I'm going to assume that the...
  8. 1OldGI

    Tire Fittment Question

    Picked up this 70's AMF for next to nothing. Not planning a hard build until the end of the summer but I have done some nit noy upgrades (seat, cheapy whitewalls, three piece crank). It rides nice so I figured I'd ride it as is for the summer and make the build a Fall/Winter project. My...