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  1. 383Camino

    Roadmaster AMF Jet ladies

    I don't really know what to do with this thing. It needs to be gone through if you want to ride it. Is anyone into this complete or parted out? Located in Sioux Falls SD, will ship on your dime.
  2. 383Camino

    Schwinn Lil Tiger seat

    Looking for a small banana seat for a project - the Lil' Tiger seems ideal. Condition is not important; even a bare pan can work. Will buy outright or trade. Let me know what you have and what you're looking for! Thanks!
  3. 383Camino

    Skip tooth double bar

    What am I looking at here? I wanted to say Hawthorne but the forward facing drop outs say otherwise.
  4. 383Camino

    Chrome BMX frame identification - help!

    I've got these two chrome 20" frames and haven't figured out what brand they are. Whay do you think I have here? Bike 1
  5. 383Camino

    '68 Schwinn Hollywood muscle bike

    I got this 24" Hollywood frame, not by choice, when I bought another frame off Craigslist. It sat around for years while I thought there must be a way to make something cool out of a step-through frame. I finally had a spark, just in time for the Winter Build Off. Here's the build thread...
  6. 383Camino

    Blue '75 Fastback

    Its not much of a build, but I've had it for years and its gone through a few changes, plus I was clever enough to take pictures along the way. I found it probably 15 years ago at an automotive swap meet in St. Paul for $75. I was awe struck at coming across a Fastback, even if I did doubt the...
  7. 383Camino

    Quad-tube 26" cantilever frame

    I acquired this gem last night from an out-of-state Craigslist ad, but I've never seen a frame with twin cantilever tubes AND twin top tubes. Anyone familiar with this rascal?
  8. 383Camino

    New guy from the midwest

    Hey everyone! I've been an old bike enthusiast since I got my 3-speed Stingray around age 8. Choppers have always been a background influence for me, as my dad still rides his 750 Honda Amen Saviour chop daily. I'm up to three Stingrays, a Fastback, Roadmaster Renegade, 20" Sears, plus a few...
  9. 383Camino

    Schwinn Hollywood gender bender - all but finished

    Hello! I've enjoyed lurking this site for a while, and am really excited to become a part of such a creative, friendly community. I've been hanging on to this 24" Hollywood for a few years (unable to get rid of it really) and I was determined to make something out of a girls bike. A few weeks...