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  1. Jarod24

    Estate sale shelby

    Very nice find!
  2. Jarod24


    I dig the Schwinn JD. Looks clean.
  3. Jarod24

    Firestone Cruiser

    Murray built 1950s for sure.
  4. Jarod24

    Need evaluations please..

    Id say 50s, maybe $150 or so. Murray built
  5. Jarod24

    Prewar what? Firestone?

    Well the frames have several things that vary but with the Snyder you can always tell cause the top tube is perfectly aligned and is straight with he seat stays. None of the others rainbow( parallel bar) frames are like this.
  6. Jarod24

    Prewar what? Firestone?

    Yeah I agree, 36/37 CWC I believe
  7. Jarod24

    What year is my Schwinn?

    37 Snyder built
  8. Jarod24

    Are these really worth what he wants for them? 1941 West Field, 1936 Rollfast.

    I'd say he's over on both in my opinion. I could see the Snyder going for around $1500-$2000 tops no where near $3500.
  9. Jarod24

    Elgin? No. Columbia? Hmm.

    Westfeild built for sure
  10. Jarod24

    Powder coated over serial #

    I agree with black monark, CWC built
  11. Jarod24

    Elgin twin bar frame, value?

    Not sure if you still need advice on this or not. But I'd probably $200 for this
  12. Jarod24

    Arizona coaster club ride #13/march

    AZCC march ride!! Hopefully have some great weather this month! Meeting at Herberger park on Indian school and 56th st Sunday March 12th at 10 am. Head out at about 1030. We usually cruise roughly about 10 miles and then grab something eat and drink at the end. Hope to see you all there...
  13. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    I'm hoping so, need to get some sort of brake set up before then or I'll be riding brakeless haha
  14. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Thanks! Yeah 25/9
  15. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Well I got this bad boy cruising finally, no brakes yet. Rides great though. I'm pretty stoked.
  16. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Slowy coming along, didn't do anything with the headtube. Might eventually. Got my wheels back from my buddy who trued them up. These tires were a pain to get on the rim compared to what I typically deal with. Got the front tire on then realized I forgot my rim strip.:headbang: I've done that...
  17. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    My stem and the bike semi together. Still waiting on the wheels. Once I get that back I'll be rolling. Just have to mount up the brake.
  18. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Got my wheels laced up last night, dropped them off at a fellow RRB and friend that is going to tru them up for me.
  19. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I'll think on it.
  20. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    New stem conversion came in today