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  1. tikiharl

    replacement burrito build

    Hi all, I havent been on it quite awhile although I have lurked more than once. My beloved Burrito was stolen at the 1st of Jan....gosh I miss that bike I finally started today to build the replacement,everything went smooth with the pipe bends and finding the right metal. As it sits it is 9'...
  2. tikiharl

    Going to go see March Fourth

    I'm headed downtown tonite to go see one of the most ecclectic bands ever The March Fourth Marching Band.Complete w/ stilt walkers ,fire dancers and one heck of a drumline.This is the band that plays at the Tour De Fat Festivals. This is the 4th time to see them but the first in a indoor...
  3. tikiharl

    R.I.P Dad

    Yesterday late afternoon my Father passed away.It was anticipated but is still a big punch to the gut. He had been home for the last month being cared for by family and Hospice workers.He had beat prostate cancer about 15 years ago but it came back and quickly spread to his spine.He was very...
  4. tikiharl

    Bikes going into storage.

    All but one of my 8 or so bikes and all tubs of parts are going into storage today :cry: .I am going to put my house up for sale and need to clean up my shed and patio of all the bike stuff I have out. My Tiki Bar has already been disassembled.Hopefully this will be a short term issuse.It looks...
  5. tikiharl

    Some random pics from Arizona

    I had the last week off because of Spring break. Not much was acomplished,but I did get to take a couple of small trips here in AZ. Earlier in the week I went up to the mountains to visit a friend for a couple of days.There was still quite a bit of snow on the north side of the mountains. One of...
  6. tikiharl

    Phoenix St. Patricks Day Parade... w/pics

    The Phoenix Phreaks ride tommorow March 13 in the Phoenix St. Patricks Day Parade in the downtown area. This is the 3rd year that we have rode in the parade. It is a blast,lots of cool bikes and people saying "cool bikes".If you are in the area come on down and ride w/ us, all are welcome.Pic is...
  7. tikiharl

    A most unusual frame project on CL

    This ad just popped up on CL tonite .It is def. rat. My concerns would be that it may flex and it must weigh a ton. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  8. tikiharl

    The Phoenix Phreaks First Friday Art Walk Ride

    So earlier tonite the Phreaks rode downtown Phoenix for the monthly ride. Met some new friends,one from Yuma who was riding a pristine Rat Fink.This was one of the best rides that I have been on.The weather was perfect,the bikes were cool and the beer was cold. We were riding through the Arizona...
  9. tikiharl

    Montain Bike conversion /w decisions

    So I was going to make a quick build w/ parts on hand,or so I thought. Mt. bike frame with simple bar welded on like I had done on the Black and Tan. I would have sworn that I had a 24" rear wheel which is why almost a year ago I bought a 24 x 3.0 to go on it. A nice Rat trap springer and a set...
  10. tikiharl

    Burrito Build (progress pics)

    Well I am gathering parts for my next project, a Burrito. It probably wont really start until after New Years. It will be alot like my first one.... Donor bikes........ The Raleigh 7 will be giving up the Nexus 7. I wont cut that one up,just put coaster brake single speed on it and...
  11. tikiharl

    Headed to Memphis then to Highway 61

    Later this week Im headed to Memphis to see my 35 year old stepson who I havent seen in a couple of years. He asked me what I wanted to do while there. I told him NO ELVIS stuff, just some good BBQ and maybe some Blues Clubs on Beale St.This weekend I do want to drive about a hour south and go...
  12. tikiharl

    Buys from Tucson Bicycle Swap Meet

    I drove down to Tucson early this morning for the big swap meet they have there.It was quite impressive in size.Most of the stuff was road bike and fixed gear. There was very little vintage but gems could be found here and there. :wink: What I came home with.......... Raleigh 7.... clean bike...
  13. tikiharl

    First Friday Phreak Ride Phoenix

    Here is the notice Greenblazer put out. This is great because a good local band, The Jump Back Bros. are playing in the same area. If you like Rockabilly/Old School Country/ Roots music you should check them out as well.They are playing at the Turf Bar. 8) From: PhoenixPhreaksAllan...
  14. tikiharl

    Kenda tires on sale again

    I dont know if it is a ongoing sale or if it just started again.This was under weekly specials (today).
  15. tikiharl

    spinning hub problem (slippage)

    On my Burrito I had a cheap chinese rear coaster brake. When I went to really pedal down on it from a stop the crank would go around 3 or so times to every once of the hub. I thought of it as spinning the bearings. I replaced the wheel w/ a brand new Shimano coaster hub and it is doing the same...
  16. tikiharl

    Bad forecast for Phoenix

    I SURE HOPE THIS IS A MISPRINT !!!!!! Snow in Tempe (Phoenix) fri,sat sun :shock: :shock: :shock: scroll all the way down Tempe, AZ Local forecastHourlyTen-dayMapsAverages Current conditions (as of 7:51 PM) Today's forecast °F | °C Partly Cloudy75°F Feels like: 75°F Barometer: 29.8 in...
  17. tikiharl

    San Diego Tour De Fat (pics)

    Well I just got home from the San Diego Tour De Fat. It is about a 5 hour drive from Phoenix. This was the first year for it to be held in San Diego. I think it was a great turnout for the first year. The only negatives about the event were, they ran out of all beer excpt reg. Fat tire and...
  18. tikiharl

    Any So. Cal. Rats going to the Tour De Fat ?

    Just wondering if there are any fellow Ratsters going to the San Diego Tour De Fat this Saturday ? I am headed over from Phoenix w/ 4 bikes. I will be there Fri - Sun. Hope to see you there. 8)
  19. tikiharl

    Phoenix Phreaks make the paper !!!!

    I just recieved an text mssg from Greenblazer that the Phoenix Phreaks were just named "Best of " in the bike gang category for this years Best of Phoenix ,New Times newspaper. Pretty cool huh? It is pretty fun riding downtown on 1st Friday artwalks,it will be much better now that it is starting...
  20. tikiharl

    Updates on builds (pics)

    Well I havent really posted anything in quite awhile so thought I would put up some pics of the latest builds.I have bike burn out,bad. I am thinking its mostly because of the heat. Too hot to build,way too hot to ride and have fun.I took a mini vacation up to Lake Superior about a month ago and...