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  1. br549

    Hercules Brewmeister

    Finally got motivated on the Hercules today. My wife pointed me out to a cool website Anyway, the more I tinkered with it, the more I wanted to make like a Dutch pub crawler, so here goes.... this is when I brought er home, nice brush on paint job painted it...
  2. br549

    Huffy Techtra

    One of my Scout Dads brought this over for the boys to rebuild. Not sure what vintage it is, but it's made in USA, nothing Chinese or Taiwan about it. Maybe mid-80's? Will probably make it a 6 speed straight bar commuter.
  3. br549

    King O' Lawn

    Not exactly a rat rod bike, but definitely retro, rat rod mower, picked it up at a garage sale yesterday for $10, circa 1958? I think I've found a Briggs 6B rope pull for it.
  4. br549

    Craigslist alert! If you're in Dallas

    Found this today, I'd buy it myself, but I'm pretty much maxed out at the moment But if its there much longer, I may be forced to go get it!
  5. br549

    Industrial Bikes

    I gotta have this!!
  6. br549

    the clay pot

    started with a complete hercules, but then got some newer wheels, then decided to use a different frame (Trek 800). All that's left of the Hercules is the handlebars, pizza rack and rear fender and headlight. Painted it Krylon "Clay Pot". I wanted a flat blood red, but this turns out ok...
  7. br549

    Hercules painted

    decided to go satin black. Scored an awesome donor bike at goodwill for $20, had a nice set of shimano biopace cranks. Never seen em before, but should be interesting (egg shaped sprockets for more powerful downstroke) these aren't the forks I wanna use though. May go back with the original...
  8. br549


    Found this in my Coker catalog, available for $395 Also, they have the monster cruiser, 36" wheels, too cool....
  9. br549

    Jad cruiser

    Here's a bike my buddy built. He sold it on for like $500, then the guy turned around and parted it out on ebay for about $750. Made him sick.
  10. br549

    A little off topic....

    hey, it's shiny, and has a motor, rat-it! might add flames too. Shoulda painted it flat black first though.
  11. br549

    196? Foremost Find

    Traded my 'goose for this one the other day. Anybody ever heard of Foremost? Gonna go flat black, red rims, leather saddle, grips, whitewalls, the usual treatment.
  12. br549

    New toy!!!

    Woohooo!!!! My 327 finally has a ride, can't wait to drop that baby in and start burnin some rubber!
  13. br549

    Vintage Mongoose

    picked this up at a garage sale last year for $10, came with a set of white z-rims. However, they don't seem to hold up to a 185lb 40 year old man. They seemed to spring back more as a kid. So I put on a set of aluminum rims. Then someone gave me that sweet suede mongoose seat. Also...
  14. br549

    back to the bikes, and other stuff

    Well, I finished my summer project last Friday, now I can get back to my '54 Pontiac and my cruiser Bandit, I'm gonna barbecue yo a.. in molasses!
  15. br549

    Merry Christmas!

    I know there's a lot of mixed feelings about the new Stingrays, being chinese and all, but, if it gets my 11 year old to say " Cool, I gotta have that", then it's ok in my book. At least the legend lives on! A little re-greasing of the headset and wheels, and its a lot better. There must be...
  16. br549

    Hercules is Home

    Here it is, fresh from the Thrift Store, $9.95 Gonna keep most of the accessories, paint it black, maybe a fixie. And a wicker basket like that Harrod's bike! (to carry a bottle of Chianti and two wine glasses, and a blanket, so I can follow my wife at the park!)
  17. br549

    Gormully Rambler

    has anyone heard of this or seen it? I thought it was way cool. Would be a great idea for a repro. Hmmmm, maybe a new winter project. Gotta work out that springer rear though! I do have an extra Sturmey that would go good with it.
  18. br549

    All chopped up...

    almost feel bad about it now, but my son enjoys it, and gets a lot of stares!
  19. br549

    Old man newbie

    Hi everybody, newbie here, been tinkerin with these things for about 25 years, here's one I just finished for my wife Picked it up for 3 bucks at a garage sale, replaced the wheels / tires / seat. Kept the original stuff, original fenders wouldn't fit the fatties though. I'll post some more later!
  20. br549


    Schwinn Jaguar