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  1. Uncle Ookie

    Let’s Catch Up w/General Klunker!!!

    Well… While, granted, excepting municipal concern for the condition of our local streets, this article isn't on historic terrain for klunkerism However? … G’wan… Get yer fancy prize-winning machine Carl….Or try this at home…. Mere mortal ORBO enthusiasts. ORBO functionality/usability index...
  2. Uncle Ookie

    General Klunker: 1950’s Schwinn Straight Bar

    Hi hope i posted in “finished 2022” some let me know if i noobed it My own rules were - it had to be functional -had to have harmonious old and new elements at the last hour the Roadmaster gave up a heart donation w/the Avid brakes… i was rooting for thr “Predator” brake system but the levers...
  3. Uncle Ookie

    Murray Elminator “Mohawk” tires are dry rotted but i rode it

    $400 (as shown) Plus $200 for Bike Flights (which includes insurance)
  4. Uncle Ookie

    SOLD Profile “BlackJack” 33t chain ring

    Profile Designs “Blackjack” 33t bmx chainring. Used ~20 miles. $30 plus $15 to ship it. Has 19mm adaptor if that does it for ya Enjoy your ride!
  5. Uncle Ookie

    1950’s A/Schwinn Straightbar Klunker

    Humbly submitted, this. ORBO The 1991 Roadmaster got the assist… helped truck the fork in to work last week, along with an ACS stem, HD bearings/parts and a BB promotion….. then….the frame got trucked in…. During a 40-degree rain storm….. Attempting Rail/ratbike commute for as much as i can...