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  1. GTHOtrod

    Something practicool

    Time for something practical. Plan is for a cargo bike to carry parts between my home and workshop. Currently using my E stay, but it is no good for heavy/bulky stuff. Pic of said E stay. Thinking I might like to go for a laid back, pedal forward geometry. Similar to my Easter stretch...
  2. GTHOtrod

    Where are our builders from? Scroll down to the builders map and add your marker.

    Hi all, builder of 'Stormin Norman' Located down under, down under, on the little island of Tasmania, Australia. Home of the Tassy devil
  3. GTHOtrod

    Stormin Norman

    This will be my daughters first bike build. Starting with a 1956 Norman step through. The bike will be getting the restomod treatment, with fresh paint, all the vintage charm, and a few modern touches to keep it going for many years to come.
  4. GTHOtrod

    Let's see your indoor ride

    Let's see your indoor ride. For those times it's too cold, too wet, too hot, too dark etc etc.
  5. GTHOtrod

    Easter stretch

    Had a bit of spare time this morning before Easter lunch with the family. So I decided to have a go at the stretch cruiser I've been planning. I've got other plans for BO17, so it was chopping time. Starting point. Chop this'll work for a jig 7" added in All welded up, ready for a...
  6. GTHOtrod

    26" E.T tribute

    My 2022 ORBO entry. E.T inspired Adult Elliot's 26" Kuwa BMX.
  7. GTHOtrod

    2017 Redline PL26

    My Redline PL26, Favourite bike in my collection. Have fitted powerlite power bend bars in black, A'me tri grips, repop pad set, black flight cranks, wellgo platforms, Brooks C19, and most importantly black dice caps.
  8. GTHOtrod


    My Caps!ze build. Started life as a step trough MTB. Flipped, chopped welded into what you see here. I began this build with my first ever wheel build, which turned out successfully. New skill, new bike, plus got to take part in this build of amongst a bunch of great people. Thank you all for...
  9. GTHOtrod

    Fixin the Fixie

    This build finished up as a Kuwahara E.T inspired 26 incher. But the starting point is the real crazy part here. A Fixie! ? Yep, this is the starting point for adult Elliot's Kuwa. Chop chop Some scalloping Looking better Rad in Red Gusset time So much better than a boring old fixie
  10. GTHOtrod

    Raleigh Wayfurther

    I turned this old Raleigh, English path bike. Into a 20/26" all roads cargo bike with a custom cargo fork build and a bunch of mtb upgrades. Check out the build here. Before and after shots: before Clearancing for the...
  11. GTHOtrod

    Carving a Brooks

    I'm planning to butcher my b17 Brooks.:eek: I have been suffering from saddle discomfort, and recently purchasing a C19 Cambium carved Brooks for my BMX cruiser. Awesome saddle, very impressed! No long after, I acquired a used b17. Also a great saddle, very comfortable. But still causes...
  12. GTHOtrod

    All roads Estay build

    I'll start a build thread here, figure this one may go on for a while with improvements. Here are the before pictures. As I dragged it home yesterday. Plan is to build 'my' ultimate road bike. A comfortable exploring/adventure bike. Fat tyres that can handle off road, but low rolling...
  13. GTHOtrod

    Giant Warp

    Picked up this 1998ish Giant Warp for cheap on market place, guy just wanted it gone. Put it up on the stand and fixed a stack of issues, chucked on some new tyres and tubes, cables etc. Swapped the yellow forks for a silver set from the parts stock. All functioning as it should, it was time...
  14. GTHOtrod

    Show me your older 26" mtb, turned modern day gravel grinder.

    Show me your older 26" mtb, turned modern day gravel grinder, tourer, etc. Drop, flat, riser bars. 1x, 3x. Racks and bags, stripped and light, restomod Etc etc. Old mtb's given a new lease of life, post them up :thumbsup:
  15. GTHOtrod

    To skin wall, or not to skin wall

    Open to suggestions here. Found a great deal on a pair of Maxxis DTH in skin wall. I like the all black look on my Redline, and the Powerblocks are awesome. But I'm an olds cool guy and dig skin walls
  16. GTHOtrod


    Looking for information on Norman of England. I picked up this cool 3 speed, as seen in my fresh finds post. But information is scarce. I believe Raleigh took over and produced them as am entry level bike? Hub is an Sturmy sw, dated 57.
  17. GTHOtrod

    Custom Seat posts

    Love the custom work people create on this site, Post up you custom seat posts for all to see
  18. GTHOtrod

    Raleigh Wayfurther

    Why not. As I've almost finished my 'Fixin the Fixie' build, it's time to start looking at the next in line. ORBO no.2 the Raleigh Wayfurther. Concept is to build up my cool old Raleigh Wayfarer, into something that can go way further. Want to keep the English charm, and add the modern niceties...
  19. GTHOtrod

    Raleigh 3speed wheel upgrades?

    Raleigh rim upgrades? As the old 3 speed Raleigh's like the Sport, Superb etc. use a 26 x 1 3/8" wheel size (iso 590), for which tyres are not easy to locate in some parts of the world. What have people used as an alternative rim size? Max tire width? Etc I used 700c on my previous Sport...
  20. GTHOtrod

    GTHOtrod's Hot finds

    Time to add a fresh finds page. So I can post my finds to the one place.