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  1. jamesdart

    NYC summer streets

    This is always fun, 7 mile stretch of closed avenues, 3 Saturday in august. Activities along The way. The first one was This weekend but there are still 2 more. I'm working on a house so I'm not sure I'm gonna make any.
  2. jamesdart

    Who has drums

    I have a few of these Worksman drum hubs and they just don't stop. Well Start with this one, I have front and rear drum, New cables and I used old school did compe long mtb levers. The cables are standard size. I won't even ride it, being a freewheel. I kind of feel like the cables are...
  3. jamesdart

    Found in my garage

    going to try to get rid of some stuff. We’ll see how it goes. All prices PLUS shipping. Located in central nj
  4. jamesdart

    Whitewall, gumwall, blackwall

    On these 26” bmx or strandie bikes what tire would be appropriate, for a given year, or brand? The cheap stud style tire seems to work well with these builds, but what color, for what style, or year, or whatever would have made them put certain tire on them?
  5. jamesdart

    Hey RatRod

    do you have any of those round pink RRB weirdo stIckers laying around?
  6. jamesdart

    Blade fork

    Do all blade forks steer like crap? I have this straight bar schwinn I had built up as klunker, decided to go more of a rat cruiser. Put a typhoon blade fork on it and I feel it wander around turns
  7. jamesdart

    New bike packaging

    I signed up for the 5 boro bike tour and I been wanting a bike I can do some longer rides with. Wife has a partnership with diamond back, wouldn’t be my first choice, but I bought a 20” mtb for my son through it a couple years ago and it was a good deal. So I spent a few months looking, I...
  8. jamesdart

    Brioni Islands Cruiser

    this is FIRST CLASS. A friend gave me this BRIONI touring bike a few years ago. It had the wheels removed and was left outside for years. They're supposed to be made in Yugoslavia. That's about all I could find out. Frame is super light, lugged construction. I wanted to build a path bike but...
  9. jamesdart

    Varsity ATB

    i had my eye on this varsity at work for a couple months.. It wound up in the trash last week, belonged to a scientist or something like that. I think it's a 69. It had a replacement rear wheel that looked like a snowplow got it and it just sat there for years after that. Had to toss...
  10. jamesdart

    Thompson B.B. Upgrade

    anyone messing with a Thompson bottom bracket? Want to get rid of those pesky cotter cranks? I had this brioni frame that I've wanted to do something with for years. It's the lightest steel frame I've come across. I don't know if that's because it's junk or what, but it's light. The problem...
  11. jamesdart

    I need some cables and housings

    I m not into brakes or derailuers so this is new to me. I need brake and shifter cables and housings for a schwinn varsity frame im building up. I'm only running the rear derailleur and id need the small diameter housing to use the factory guides. Are they sold by size? Or is this road bike...
  12. jamesdart

    Adding derailleur

    I'm not home to look at any bikes, do you need cable stops on the frame to ad a rear derailleur? Or is the adjuster all you need?
  13. jamesdart

    Hunter Riva

    Anyone know anything about these? I grabbed it for parts. Some of the parts remind me of a boss or earth cruiser. Mx550 stem Akisu slash cut fork Chang star brake levers Femco alloy wheels, I was hoping they were araya looking at the pic.
  14. jamesdart

    24 x 1 3/8

    looks like there's 3? Different sizes for a 24 x 1 3/8" tire. How do I determine which one is correct. I picked up this Kmart all pro from the trash. I was going to take the stem, fork, and 3 speed hub for a muscle Bike and return the rest to the trash but my mother inalw saw it today and she...
  15. jamesdart

    Who's using a worksman front drum?

    which side are you running the drum on? I am setting up 2 bikes with them now, I don't want to use the corny Worksman drum fork, im using bmx style straight forks. On both of them things work out better with the wheel flipped around and the drum on the right side, but there is an opening...
  16. jamesdart

    NYC summer streets

    citi summer streets is coming up, 3 saturdays in August. Park Ave closed to cars from Brooklyn bridge to Central Park with activities along the way. I look forward to this all year.
  17. jamesdart

    replace fork steer tube

    i have a real nice old 26" chrome wald straight fork i bought a while ago. was supposed to be NOS. i didnt notice until i mocked up my worksman that someone cut it down. its way short for any 26" frame i have. so i need to extend it. i have a fork i can cut one off. this and the fork im looking...
  18. jamesdart

    Tires for worksman wheels

    So I put a set of 2.3" kenda Krad tires on these worksman aluminum wheels and they look funky. They look small. On other wheels these same tires look huge. Anyone find a tire that looks good on these moped wheels? This is a street/beach cruiser, strandie if you want to call it that.
  19. jamesdart

    Tru torch

    anyone order anything from tru torch? How did you order? The web store seems funky to me. I tried emailing and calling both with no luck. I did eventually say screw it and placed an online order. But I'm wondering if I'll ever see it.
  20. jamesdart

    Mr. Tick parts

    Anyone have an email or something for Mr. tick? I don't have facebook.