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    "Vlasic the Destroyer"

    here's the build thread.... 1972 Schwinn Typhoon Arai drum brakes front and rear Schwinn 170mm cranks Shimano Eagle rear derailleur Shimano Thunderbird front derailleur motorcycle handlebars motorcycle brake levers factory headset and...
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    Single Speed ride in Indianapolis!

    Sunday october 19th! Leaving from the Bike Line (6520 Cornell Ave.) at noon. The 3rd Annual R.O.S.S. (rally of single speeds) ride! The ride usually consists of (but is not limited to) some off road (which is bypassable by the people on road bikes or cruisers), beer drinking, canal path...
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    72 Typhoon..."Vlasic the Destroyer" new pics! 10/24

    i'm working on some names for the bike here, so if you have any ideas, let me know. Super Pickle, Pickle Wagon, Mean Joe Green...heck i don't know.... anyway, here are a couple of starter pics. i've already removed the fenders and chainguard at this point. i'm not going to paint it, because i...
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    just picked this up....any idea of a year for this thing? M536507 is the serial number. the fenders, chain guard, rear rack, seat, rear hub and tank will be for sale. any takers?
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    Hey everbody!

    My name is Heath and i live in Indianapolis, Indiana. i just stumbled across this forum yesterday. i read some of the posts and looked at some pics and decided to join up. looks like you all have a good thing going here! i've been a bicycle mechanic professionaly for the past 15 or so years...