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  1. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    BMX chop/stretch/rat

    heeeeeelloo! :acute: Remember me? Probably not....only made a brief appearance, posted a load of crap and then disappeared..... Aaaaaaaaanyway, it just so happened that in between the 20 things I was doing, the 30 things I was planning to do and the 40 things I SHOULD be doing, I tripped...
  2. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Mini scrap chopper

    I'll let the pics do the talking. it's about 700mm long. :)
  3. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Outdoor kitchen/bar

    the reason why there's been no progress with my chopper recently...... Before: Last week: Earlier today: Mostly built with scavenged materials and stuff I had laying around. With summer here we spend a lot of time outside cooking on the BBQ, enjoying a beer etc so it was time...
  4. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Welding earth clamp

    Picked up this totally awesome oldskool welding earth clamp at the scrap yard for ten bucks today! :113:
  5. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Custom bike pic found online help

    anyone know anything about this? Don't remember where I found the pic... :39: :)
  6. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Clown bike

    well..... Could work..... :crazy:
  7. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Strange clamp

    found this at the scrapyard. Unusual looking clamp. Anyone know what it was used for? Seems specialized. Made from brass maybe....?
  8. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Tube bender....

    what do people use? The hydraulic jack type? The brute force type? Been looking at a couple on eBay for around $150-$200. Some boast 12 tonne force. Not sure how true that is. How much do you need? I have no idea about these things. If the "dies" are good enough and the rest of the setup is a...
  9. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    How to weld chain neatly?

    Been having a go at welding some chain links together, and to be honest, the results have been pretty dreadful. (Mig welder) So far I've laid the chain in some angle iron, tightened it at both ends and tried to weld the links together, but it ends up very messy.... :( Also stretched some chain...
  10. Dirty_Vinylpusher


    Just tacked this thing together today to see how it would look. Been thinking of making a couple of scooters etc to sell. Very crude prototype and needs a fatter rear wheel but I think something like this could work.
  11. Dirty_Vinylpusher


    ....RAT BARROW! :bigboss: :rofl::acute:
  12. Dirty_Vinylpusher


    I acquired a bunch of bikes today which will be chopped up for future projects. This one makes me wonder...... Seems oldschool. Possibly worth restoring? I'll get some more and better pics up later if needed. On the iPad and the Photobucket app is rubbish. :)
  13. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Email notifications

    i've turned them off but still keep getting emails.... No biggie, just wonderin what the go is there.....? :)
  14. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Home made banana seat?

    Interested in seeing what people have done when it comes to home made bananas. Do you glue the foam rubber on? Lace the covering, or rivet it or.....? Cheers :)
  15. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Rat potbelly stove

    Told ya I have lots of pictures of everything.... Here's another one of my creations. I had this hot water tank which I used to make an open fireplace for the backyard and camping. Works really well, and burns heaps better than any 44 Gal. drum I've had in the past '] '] I only used...
  16. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Rust removal, preserving and creation

    I've been playing with both removing, creating and preserving rust a bit lately. First: Electrolytic rust removal. I had been doing a lot of reading about the different ways to remove rust without using abrasives. There's all sorts of ways to do it, soak in vinegar, molasses and all kinds of...
  17. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Street Cruiser

    This all started a while back as a mate moved from 3 doors away to a couple of blocks away and I needed something to get me there and back when catching up for a beer or ten. Had a couple of bikes laying around. This one, and the yellow one as seen in the Rat Poison thread. One had a busted...
  18. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Rat Poison chopper

    It all started here one afternoon.... Second donor bike Wheel barrow legs...
  19. Dirty_Vinylpusher

    Hello from Australia

    good morning! Am working on a rat chopper made from 3 bikes, wheelbarrow parts and whatever else I can find. Will start a thread on it soon. Lots of photos. :)