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  1. Vonpotter

    The Tallpacker

    Okay, I'm in. Mostly because I'm already building this anyway, so why not? I'm big on two things: bikepacking, and freakbikes. After a long day of riding, my riding buddies and I were sitting around the campfire and got into talking about how great a Tallbike would be for bikepacking. You'd be...
  2. Vonpotter

    Camel Toe

    Hey look. Another Build-off and I happen to be working on somethin. Great timing! Is this going to win? Nope. Is it going to place anywhere near the top? Not a chance. But I'm building it and that's what really matters. I snagged this cool Camelback Twin Top Tuber Hawthorne frame off CL...
  3. Vonpotter

    (ORBO) The Flunker finished

    Here she is. A 52 Schwinn with a touch of modern components -Felt Berm Master 24x3 tires -FSA Cranks with Surly ring and Bashguard hooked up to a truvativ BB adapter -WTB saddle -31.8 riser bars with Vans waffle Grips -Wellgo CNC pedals
  4. Vonpotter

    (ORBO) The Flunker

    OK. Finally a buildoff I can get behind. I'm in with this Going Neo Klunk with it. New school MTB stuff on a 63 year old bike. The purists wont be happy. I don't care what they think.
  5. Vonpotter

    The Plastic Machine

    Not a frequent poster here by any means, but here's my latest scratch build. I have been working at a plastic fabrication plant for a few years now. That time is nearing an end, so I decided to get something done that I've been kicking around the entire time I've worked there: A plastic bike. I...
  6. Vonpotter

    Back Alley Bike Club: South Dakota

    I'm the club president and organizational guru behind BABC. We are based out of Eastern South Dakota, with most members being in the Sioux Falls/Brookings area. As of right now we are a 4 man club with a few tagalongs that come when they can. We ride freaks, cruisers, and MTBs, but don't shy...
  7. Vonpotter

    End Table Idea

    So we finally go all moved into the new house and the boss decided we need new nightstands. She actually WANTS me to make them out of bike junk. Heck yeah I'm jumping at this opportunity. Found this pic and decided to share it. Anyone have any other furniture they've made out of bike stuff?
  8. Vonpotter

    Hand-made tools and Cheap secrets

    Lets face it. Most of us are on a budget. Most of us are pretty handy. Most of us would rather build a jog or tool for $300 over spending $100 for something that would do the same thing. Its what we do. I want to see Whatever tools you've made to work on bikes. I want to see all the little...
  9. Vonpotter

    Went for a lit up ride

    One of the clubs in town has an annual ride where we ride from one Downtown park to another where they light up every tree, an old mill, and the dam tower. We all deck out our bikes in lights and christmas junk. This year the Coke Cruiser was actually ready for the ride, as was the new flatbed...
  10. Vonpotter

    Road Rats

    I already know about the skinny tires thread. What I'm looking for is "traditional" road bikes: drop handlebars, slick tires, gears or no gears. It can be a track bike or a fixie too. It just has to be a little ratty I just started my own from an old lugged Raleigh frame. I'mgetting it...
  11. Vonpotter

    Homemade Tandem - The Two Timer

    This is my Tandem build. Started life as two Wallypants MTB's Cut up and welded together Primed and Painted Slightly assembled I had planned on running regular 26" wheels on it (I can clear 2.3s no problem) but I wanted something with some gear range. I ended up going with an old 26x1...
  12. Vonpotter

    My 90's Huffy. W/ Beer rack and Airhorn

    This bike started out as a 90's Huffy Santa Fe in Ugly Purple. I wanted to make a cruiser that looked 50's or 60's. But got this one for free and I paint for a living, so I decided it wouldn't be hard to make it "era specific" Not the actual bike, but looked just like this I was originally...
  13. Vonpotter

    Exercise bike parts...on your bike

    Ok, once upon a time. I had a few old exercise bikes laying around for parts, but most of them disappeared when I moved back into an apartment. Lets see what you have! I know I had a few handlebars around, some HUGE seats, and even bigger front sprockets VP
  14. Vonpotter

    Another Monark

    A customer brought this in today. They want it resto'ed. Looking for a little info. Year/model? I brushed off a little gunk and paint to get a serial # not sure if its correct but here's what I think I've got c621 3285107 also. I think it may have been repaired near the BB at some point...
  15. Vonpotter

    Monark Silverking

    I picked this guy up a long time ago. Says Monark Silverking on the headbadge, but its not matching up with most other silverkings out there. It's NOT an aluminum silverking, which leads me to believe it's one of the later dept store monarks. The chainring looks like monark though. I know for a...
  16. Vonpotter

    "New School" Springer Fork

    So I've been kicking around the idea of chopping up the rear suspension of a cheapo mountain bike to make a long, cool looking front suspension fork somewhere in the vein of a springer. This idea may not be the most functional, but in the end, I think it might look cool if nothing else. or add...
  17. Vonpotter

    New From South Dakota

    Hey everybody. My name's Travis, but you can call me Vonpotter. I'm from Eastern South Dakota. I've lurked the sire for years now and decided it was time. MY bike story would be as follows: Tinkered on them and rode MTB like crazy when I was a kid, but then I bought a car. Years later, I went...