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  1. tikiharl

    replacement burrito build

    Well I didnt do so well at documenting this build. It is still not 100% complete ( it is still single speed ) but is very rideable and fun.Here are some pics from today...
  2. tikiharl

    replacement burrito build

    Had some welding done on frame today. I really like the lines, it kinda flows. It will have smaller tubing connecting to the original cantilever area following the top bar all the way back to make the seat stays. This one will have fenders and a rack as well as an knee action springer. It will...
  3. tikiharl

    replacement burrito build

    Hi all, I havent been on it quite awhile although I have lurked more than once. My beloved Burrito was stolen at the 1st of Jan....gosh I miss that bike I finally started today to build the replacement,everything went smooth with the pipe bends and finding the right metal. As it sits it is 9'...
  4. tikiharl

    TDF San Diego 10/1/11 Who's in!!!!!

    Bikes are loaded on truck,strapped down and ready to roll. Headed out in 12 hrs... Im stoked. One last thing to do..... call work ,let them know I wont be there tommorow! :shock: 8) Hey SoCal, are you going to be around Fri. afternoon ? Looks like we will be cruising Mission Beach area...
  5. tikiharl

    TDF San Diego 10/1/11 Who's in!!!!!

    Re: TDF San Diego 9/17/11 Who's in!!!!! Here is Burrito of mine that I will be riding. This was @TDF S.D. 2 years ago. I will probably have a Fez on as well My Bro. in law will be riding this one. (frame by Uncle Stretch)
  6. tikiharl

    TDF San Diego 10/1/11 Who's in!!!!!

    Re: TDF San Diego 9/17/11 Who's in!!!!! Cool Rick, I just booked my room earlier today. Im staying down in the Gaslamp area. It will be nice to see Phreaks represent. 8) :lol: Oh by the way the date is Oct. 1 for SD TDF :shock: SoCal Jack said he was going.
  7. tikiharl

    Who here is over 50?

    53 here............... 8)
  8. tikiharl


    My personal fav.........
  9. tikiharl


    Tell him "Thank You" from me, a fellow 82nd Vet. 1/504 Inf. Btl. 76-79 Airborne and All The Way !!!!!!!
  10. tikiharl

    Going to go see March Fourth

    Well its 2 am and I just got back..... WOW !!!!! What a show. I was able to speak to 3-4 of the band members including the gal that does the trumpet solos. The band hung around to hear the last band that played, I can only describe it as progressive celtic or alternative celtic. M4 band members...
  11. tikiharl

    Going to go see March Fourth

    I'm headed downtown tonite to go see one of the most ecclectic bands ever The March Fourth Marching Band.Complete w/ stilt walkers ,fire dancers and one heck of a drumline.This is the band that plays at the Tour De Fat Festivals. This is the 4th time to see them but the first in a indoor...
  12. tikiharl

    Let's go to the Drive-In

    The local bicycle group TBAG (Tempe Bicycle Action Group) has bike ins all the time here where I live. Ive never been but it does sound like fun. 8) May 08 2010 Bikin’ to the Drive-In! Posted by: Jeremy in Just for Fun, Movies, Scottsdale, TBAG Third Fridays Movie Lovers! Bike...
  13. tikiharl


    I'm going to try to be there. Problem is all my bike stuff is in storage and Im kinda in the process of selling/buying a house. Are you selling Rick or browsing?
  14. tikiharl

    R.I.P Dad

    Thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers.I think his passing is fairly easy to accept, he is no longer in pain and is in a much better place. The stressful part is the arrangements, flying family in and all the behind the scenes stuff.It has really become more of a celebration of his...
  15. tikiharl

    R.I.P Dad

    Yesterday late afternoon my Father passed away.It was anticipated but is still a big punch to the gut. He had been home for the last month being cared for by family and Hospice workers.He had beat prostate cancer about 15 years ago but it came back and quickly spread to his spine.He was very...
  16. tikiharl

    TOUR de FAT 2010- Make your plans now.

    I have been to four of them, Tempe 3 times and San Diego 1. IMHO, Tempe TDF has outgrown itself. While the bike ride/parade is still great it is mostly a day of standing in huge lines. This year I may just do the parade and then go on a pub peddle instead. The San Diego TDF was the best. San...
  17. tikiharl

    Bikes going into storage.

    All but one of my 8 or so bikes and all tubs of parts are going into storage today :cry: .I am going to put my house up for sale and need to clean up my shed and patio of all the bike stuff I have out. My Tiki Bar has already been disassembled.Hopefully this will be a short term issuse.It looks...
  18. tikiharl

    a new US

    weigh in this morning at 268 which is down 14pds from where I started. A little encouraging. 35 more to go.
  19. tikiharl

    Burrito Build (progress pics)

    Well its been forever since Ive done an update on this build. All of the welding has been done,I think. This bike has been cut,welded cut again at least 4 times.I finally have the right seat height,bars where they need to be as well as the crank. I was wondering if anyone ever had a build called...
  20. tikiharl

    Help a fella out. Family Vacation

    Hey Dos Cruiser,I am not sure of the Larry situation. The best person to talk to is probably Slick Rick,maybe PM him. The All Bikes (bike junkyard) is in Rye AZ. It is just south ,maybe 10 miles from the town of Payson on Rt. 87. Payson is about 100 miles N.E. of Phoenix. All Bikes have been...