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  1. ratTED

    Hollywood Makeover, and Over Again

    I'm still at it... (see the last 4 pics) is this ever gonna end?
  2. ratTED

    How long can you get away with having a bike in the house?

    Moved this one into my home office when I finished it last year - and it's here to stay! ('cause the other 9 are in my garage!) Besides, my wife loves it.
  3. ratTED

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Re: Craigslist nightmares and dreams... funny stories I know it's on eBay, but has anyone seen this guy's work? Check out the other bikes! ... 3f273d3354
  4. ratTED

    My current Builds to Date

    Yes, yes I did. The build thread is a very condensed version of the story. I spent MANY DAYS removing rust, and prepping for paint. I almost gave up, but I think it was well worth the effort now.
  5. ratTED

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Re: Craigslist nightmares and dreams... funny stories For you guys that like rust in Michigan... ... ofishingup
  6. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    Not sure I like the denim now... I added a new chain, leather grips with homemade real leather streamers, and took it for a test ride. Guess I'm gonna hafta order more parts.
  7. ratTED

    Huffy Tiger 2 or Tigress * DONE *

    Okay, this one's done - moving on...
  8. ratTED

    found a cruiser

    Yes, but you guys get all the awesome vintage classics - just look at the ebay ads to the right! >>>>
  9. ratTED

    Freebie Bars

    Nice - did the handcuffs come with?
  10. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    I'm glad you like it - it was the first try at flames, not perfect or show quality, but it works!
  11. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    Thanks I appreciate the kind words! The original kick stand is kinda weak, and with the apes the bike is top heavy. It fell over already - now I have to repaint it. (ha,ha,ha!)
  12. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    Here's an idea I had kicking around. You be the judge. Since I am waiting for the parts I ordered to stop touring the U.S. and bouncing back and forth between USPS sorting hubs,( so far three extra days here in CA ) I had some time to play around with the idea. I was considering putting...
  13. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    Thanks! I sort of agree on the mixed tires, but I was going for a classic bobber look - and I like the matching tires. I like it much better that way too. Now I want to do another bike - only better! Thanks!
  14. ratTED

    Gender bender

    Nice job Lucas - keep it going!
  15. ratTED


    You sir, a a true Artist! I wish I had half the vision that you do. Truly amazing work!
  16. ratTED

    Huffy Tiger 2 or Tigress * DONE *

    Re: Huffy Tiger 2 Thanks! I actually had been looking for another bike to refurb as an urban or desert camo - but yoothgeye's build has that going on - and very well I might add, so it'll have to be something else. Lots of ideas.
  17. ratTED

    Huffy Tiger 2 or Tigress * DONE *

    Re: Huffy Tiger 2 Thanks for the comments guys! I know now the girls will love it. I plan to take the two bikes to Huntington Beach and tow them on my trailer behind my Schwinn El Camino bike with a "for sale" sign so people can see them. (and maybe buy one on the spot?) I like your idea Uncle...
  18. ratTED

    Zeeing Red! **Done**

    June 4, Finally completed...
  19. ratTED

    Before & After Pics

    Makeover Complete.
  20. ratTED


    Excellent job! There is nothing like making your wife happy!