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  1. Tater

    Felt fork headset needed

    Any of these semi-integrated headsets available at Amazon ought to work: Headset #1 , Headset #2, Headset #3. The $16 one is the best of the lot. Good luck.
  2. Tater

    Best Brooks saddle b190?

    Sorry, I don't have a B190 available.
  3. Tater


    Nice! Post a video of you riding a wheelie.
  4. Tater

    Galleries of Manufacturer or Style ****UPDATED 12-16-13****

    Send me a message with links to the specific 'bender builds and I will add a category in the list above.
  5. Tater


  6. Tater

    New Hotwheels 68, Save it for the next generation or...

    LOL! Not dead yet. This bike has never been for sale, but anything I own can be had for the right money. It will take crazy dough to pry my hands off of this one.
  7. Tater

    Show Your Aluminum Builds

    The tires are 24" x 3" Felt Thick Bricks and the rims are 50mm Felt cruiser rims. This is what it is looking like right now with 24" x 3" Felt Berm Master knobbies:
  8. Tater

    I feel so ashamed...

    I see what you did there.
  9. Tater

    Widest rear wheel on a Felt?

    A three inch rim with a Thick Brick or Fatti-O tire will be the max. You will definitely need to use an offset cog on the rear hub with that combo. Here is a pic of a Felt Chief that RRB member, Jandroart, customised some time ago:
  10. Tater

    Gichigami Growler Grabber

    Got it. I'm basing my observation from the third pic in the OP, whereby the wear on the disc looks like there is only about 1/8" inch to nearly nothing in terms of pad contact. Also in the first pic, it looks like center bolt is off from the ideal disc contact area by about 10mm. I had this sort...
  11. Tater

    Gichigami Growler Grabber

    Very nice!:thumbsup: Gotta love those Columbia Thunderbolt\Newsboy frames. One thing I'm noticing about the front brakes, is it appears as if the caliper mount may be upside down. The brake pads are making little contact with the disk. It looks like flipping the bracket over will bring the...
  12. Tater

    Two Way Tandem

    Got it. That ought to work and it is a lot simpler than what I suggested. -can't wait to see this one come together.
  13. Tater

    Two Way Tandem

    This build ought to be cool. Get a couple of jack shafts and gears in there so the rear facing rider doesn't have to peddle backwards. You could also do a retordirect chain drive on the rear and accomplish the same.
  14. Tater

    felt springer

    Other than the Felt fork costing $40 more, they are exactly the same.
  15. Tater

    Cool fork pics wanted

    Hey Kingfish, what's up with the sprockets on the left side of your bike?
  16. Tater

    Mystery bike (help identify)

    Gotta love Google's search-by-image feature.
  17. Tater

    Official: "Show Me Your" Disc Brakes!

    Avid BB7s on a 2006 Manta Ray.
  18. Tater


    I got a laugh out of the mattress tag on the seat. Of course I ripped it right off like an old bandaid.
  19. Tater

    New Walmart Fat Tire Bike coming in a couple weeks

    My Massif finally arrived today. It needed the typical box-bike regreasing and adjustments. For what it costs to assemble just a pair of wheels and tires from Choppers US ($350+), this little fatty is a steal.
  20. Tater

    New Walmart Fat Tire Bike coming in a couple weeks

    And it's sold out. That didn't take long.