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  1. chimichanga

    Get a Grip!

    Oakley B1b's that is! Going on a project I'm going to be working on. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. chimichanga

    Another Glow Frame

    I had someone just want a frame and fork and got it freshly painted this monday. I'll try and get more pictures tomorrow. :D :D :D
  3. chimichanga

    nirve fat ... tires and Electra Fatty O's

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing nirve fat ... tires if i can get them? They are 24x3 tiresi. I have them in blackwalls. THe Electra Fatty O's I can get in white wall or black wall but the whitewalls will need cleaning. Fatty O's will be $25 dollars each
  4. chimichanga

    Schwinn Fiesta tank

    would a schwinn slim line tank work on a hollywood?
  5. chimichanga

    aceite blanca(newer update 7/19/2012)

    I guess i'll join. Don't know if i'll finish on time. going to be using a worksman frame as a base for this build lots and lots of work ahead of me :cry:
  6. chimichanga

    Schwinn Fiesta

    Well finally got it done. Came out really nice. Now I either have to find a girl who wants to ride with me or sell it. lol THe paint is a white pearl with red metallic paint with red flakes.Red and chrome chain.Red Schwinn headbadge and red schwinn s seat. Big thanks to 10-18 kustoms for the...
  7. chimichanga

    Schwinn Racer

    Here is a schwinn racer I redid for someone. They didnt want to keep the blue and went for a red instead. They haven't seen it but I was getting thumbs up everywhere Iwhile taking the pictures and someone offering me to buy it. lol I guess I did a good job :D Before After
  8. chimichanga

    This made me chuckle

    sigh... american pickers syndrome. :roll: ... 74369.html
  9. chimichanga

    Entered a contest need some votes. :)

    nevermind! :D
  10. chimichanga

    Schwinn Fiesta

    Got this sweet frame from Queasy Rider last week. I'm excited to start building this beauty!Just like women, I love the curves on female bikes. It's always something that I've always prefer to build. even though I haven't worked on one in quite a while. Started on this beauty today by...
  11. chimichanga

    New Single Speed Bike

    I just finished building this one today.I decided of doing a single speed instead of a fixed gear. It's a 54 cm Grey Chromoly Frame and fork,Vuelta Pista Crankset,Origin 8 Wheelset,Origin 8 Bullhorn bars,ACS freewheel,KMC Chain,Kenda Tires,Aheadset threadless headset,Anodized Purple Stem,McSelle...
  12. chimichanga

    Another Glow In the Dark Bike

    Built this a week ago. It actually glows blue at night,but for some reason I cant get a good picture of in the dark. I might need to use a black light to get the blue to show up. It's an aluminum frame and fork so it's pretty light. It's also for sale. :D Specs Aluminum frame and fork with...
  13. chimichanga

    Hub Question

    Is this hub cracked? The reason I ask is because some guy on cl is freaking out and saying that im selling a cracked hub. I really don't think it's cracked at all and he might be on it.
  14. chimichanga

    Flat black fixed gear

    Here's something I put together a fwe days ago. It's also for sale! :D
  15. chimichanga

    SERIOUS PLEASE READ Need the rat rod bretheren help

    SOme Jerk is using my number and posting it on craigslist. please flag it :o
  16. chimichanga

    Craigslist Flagging

    Has anyone ever been flagged on cl before? I've been getting flagged alot lately trying to sell parts on there. So far all the ads i post have gotten flagged. DO yo guys think it's cl or someone with nothing else to do?
  17. chimichanga

    Todays Callfornia Mongoose

    pro class wheels and all. nice score.
  18. chimichanga

    Swinging the Blue

    Finished it today. It's painted with a custom blue basecoat and house of kolor kandy over it. Pretty much all brand new parts on it. I tried riding it and it was fun but I need more practice on it. Here's a before pic
  19. chimichanga


    A relative came to me and asked me to build him a swing bike. Without hesitation I said YES! For a few weeks I was having trouble trying to find a frame until i was able to pick one off of craigslist. THe frame wasnt what I was looking for but it did have a head tube perfect for cutting. :D...
  20. chimichanga

    1981 schwinn cruiser 5

    Picked this up today for a heck of a deal. My intentions were to cut it up and make a swing bike out of it but when I picked it up and looked closer the paint and chrome wasn't that bad. Now to find and s2 chrome rim and relace it with an acs schwinn hub,clean it and flip this sucker! :D