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  1. jats

    (MBBO Class 1)wildcat Scotty, last build stuff and pics of a ride, DONE!

    here is my start point! planning on a triple tree front suspension chopper look and a cool paint job banana seat and some apes will do a mock up when I get home tomorrow. Troy
  2. jats


    so was unable to finish Etta during the build off do to job stuff sooooooo, here is were i left off and will move forward from!!!!! Troy
  3. jats

    Etta ( completed front fork with assembly and a mock-up!)

    So this Plus this and this will kind of equal this with some artistic license and a little luck!! if someone could donate that engine that would be great Jats
  4. jats

    Schwinn Trike

    got this trike for 25 bucks! anyone convert one of these to standard tire sizes? Troy
  5. jats

    build off who's excited?

    I am getting stoked and am starting to think hard about what I am going to build!! how about you guys?? Troy
  6. jats

    winterbuild jats's, Momma jats-a-trike? anything goes

    here we go pics of a parts pile to follow!! here we go!! Troy and Laurie!!
  7. jats

    Murray official 84 olympic

    Momma Jats spotted this today! the upper sticker with the rings says 1980 LA olympics so here it is its in great shape and everything works on it!! (except the seat I think that will go away)
  8. jats

    J.C. Higgins year? and etc.

    hey guys! was out yard saling yesterday with Momma Jats and when we stopped at one, a guy wanted to but Lauries andwhen she said no he made a reluctant offer on my 0 doller build bike :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!! but we bought one off of him not sure of the age so here is the info Serial #...
  9. jats

    what size is this tire??

    so the back tire is a 27 and the front is a 26 so whats the one in the middle It came off a Austrian bike sold through Sears. the hub looks like it is marked Velo any ideas Troy
  10. jats

    Schwinn Trike value question

    Have a chance to buy a town and country but unsure of its value. its a 1980 based on the CR in the serial number and very ruff around the edges. next question would have to be are these standard 24 inch rims? or a Schwinn size? what would be a fair value for this?
  11. jats

    I shall call him Wilfrid the klunker (video link)

    wow its been a fun build and the testing was the best part!!!! he has been properly riden today and passed the smile test with a 10 of 10 :D :D so hear are some pics! Son Jats has agreed to take some ride pics and videos tomorrow so will be more on the way!! hope you like...
  12. jats

    couples only sub build!!

    This is for all couples. come on builders get your other half involved, its all for fun!!! post your build link below and lets have some fun!! Jats and Momma Jats (Troy and Laurie)
  13. jats

    I shall call him wilfrid the klunker(action video)

    Ok so here is a mock up of what I have in mind. got tires picked out and a paint scheme also and am going to try my hand at a springer front end. the frame is a 1950 Snyder with a wards head badge this is the aftermath of the 53 wasp build. gotta love my wife! she is allowing me to use the...
  14. jats

    another what is it.

    just got this for free and have traded it off (after building it ) for a Stihl chainsaw but do not know what it is! any thing would help it looks like a killer frame though and weighs nothing. thanks so much! Troy
  15. jats

    unknown what is it?

    any information would be appreciated
  16. jats

    decal help

    hey, here is my problem, when I slide larger decals (6X1 inch) of of the paper the edges curl under and I can not get them to lay flat. I do not see this problem with the smaller pieces that I have done and do not remember this as an issue when I did models as a kid, any ideas? Troy
  17. jats

    is this a Haro?

    OK, my last Bmx was a DB and its still in the garage and I'm not real familiar with BMX/ The Haro dropout stamp that I saw on line is different then this stamp. is it worth cleaning up? this is how I got it and it was an add on to a trade I made, a if you want it get out of here thing.
  18. jats

    Hawthorn frame what year? any other info to!

    picked this frame up today and would like to get info and maybe a pic of what it looked like new the real sad part of this find some one welded the pedals on thats gonna make it fun!
  19. jats

    1975 speedster

    got this 75 schwinn speedster yesterday and cleaned it up, pulled of the 22ish inch rims spread the frame to handle a 20x 2.0 bmx tires and rims greased it up and hear it is! also added reflecters and a set of pedals since it was missing the factory ones
  20. jats

    not a clue except its a sears prim and proper

    it has a 2 piece crank sears roebuck and company made in AUS? Australia? Austria? the three speed hub has what might be 3 threes and says three speed hub f under the 3's(?) with a U.S. patent number. the serial number is G7878 and the only other numbers are on the rear brake plate E56E...