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  1. jjmunster

    One Day

    Here are the finished pics of the One Day bike build, except for the chain.
  2. jjmunster

    One Day

    I wasn't going to participate in this round of the Build-off, but this morning around 11:30, after cleaning up the garage, I had an idea. I found so much assorted cool crap laying around, I thought I would see what I could build in 1 day out of stuff in the garage, and spend no money, or leave...
  3. jjmunster

    Help! What is it.

    Just picked this up 2 weeks ago, and I am having a really hard time of what make it is. 24x2.125 tires, but notice the fenders have spacers to fit the 26" frame, all the spacers are the same. All green and black, the chrome rack was added later on. Skip-tooth front and rear, plus rear sproket...
  4. jjmunster


    How long does the voting last, final date to vote? John.
  5. jjmunster


    Well here are the finished pics of my Hawthorne. Changed the seat in the last pics, like the banana seat much better to ride.
  6. jjmunster


    This all started at an auction when I won this green thing for $12.00. Most everyone thought I was nuts, but I wanted to build my first bike. I had an idea of what I wanted, but my family just thought I was nuts. Comments about my purchase varied, but mainly....I was nuts. This is the FIRST bike...