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  1. Saverio

    52 Schwinn Makeover

    Just wanted to start a thread to hopefully offer (and receive), some inspiration on rebuilding my 1952 Schwinn. The first time I rebuilt this bike was back in 2012 and it was completed as it looked here. Since then, life happened and let's say bikes were neglected and most of my other hobbies...
  2. Saverio

    FOUND 26" Rear coaster wheel

    If anyone has a (useable) 26" rear coaster wheel, please let me know!
  3. Saverio

    2012 Fat Tire Cruiser

    Unbelievable! Not sure if any of you follow New Belgium on twitter, but I just won a bike from their contest! Pretty cool that this is the first contest I've ever won!!!!!
  4. Saverio

    1952 Schwinn Hornet - 1st rebuild

    Hey everyone, As I posted earlier in the week, my grandfather gave me a few of his bikes. The one I like the most is this 1952 Schwinn Hornet. Here it is fresh out of his garage:
  5. Saverio

    Kansas Schwinn

    Hey guys, I'm visiting my grandparents in the hot and humid state of KS, and my grandfather told me I could have their old bikes. Here is the first. It's been painted gray (there is a pretty blue underneath), and everything appears to be original, although as a newer guy to this bike world I...
  6. Saverio

    Tour De Fat '12 / Ft. Collins, CO

    I realize its a ways out still, but I live in Denver and was wondering if any of you out-of-towners (or locals), plan on riding? Even though I grew up here, I've never participated. Should be fun!
  7. Saverio

    First timer...

    I've never modified much of anything, so this is all new to me...but a lot of fun! You all seem like a good group, and I appreciate the help that's already been tossed my way up to this point. I really liked the way the frame looked on this bike, and want to really make it my "own". I realize...
  8. Saverio

    Bike carriers (trunk/SUV)...

    Anyone have any recommendation on bike carriers worth checking out? I'm going to be hauling a couple of old bikes back from another state, if that helps. I've been thinking about maybe just getting a hitched installed, but the price difference in trunk vs. hitch carriers is making me nervous...
  9. Saverio


    Anyone else use Instagram? I love looking at photos of Ratrods much more than cats..... @Saverio303
  10. Saverio

    Denver, CO

    Hi Everyone. I've been lurking for quite some time, and decided to actually jump in and start communicating. I'm currently working on a Nirve B-1 w/ new handlebars, tires, fork, etc. ~ you know the drill. Once that's complete my grandparents told me to come get their old bikes (a mens Schwinn...