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    The Beast!

    Here's a build I just finished for a customer that came to me at 6'7 265lbs! He brought me his fat tire bike and asked me to make something custom! Here it is...... IMG_20150810_182832 by Chris Burke, on Flickr IMG_20150810_191518 by Chris Burke, on Flickr IMG_20150810_191525 by Chris Burke, on...


    My spider bike! Started building it about 2 weeks ago. Hope I'm not to late to enter! From scratch with the idea of a long low cruiser that I wouldn't mind getting a little scratched up. So I'm sure you can see the bike is VERY low, a little too low! So low that...

    The Devil Cruiser!

    This was my first build using a bender. Before this I had to use only straight tube and figure it out as I went. I built this bike for a bike show we had here last month. Other than the wheels and front forks, I hand made everything! Thanks for looking...

    (WBO) The Prowler

    I wanna join in on this. It's my third build! It started life as a really old Huffy from what I'm told. Building this bike for my wife! 20141230_204511 by, on Flickr 20141230_215516 by, on Flickr 20150105_190712 by, on Flickr...

    New build.... The Challenger!

    I'm calling this one the "Challenger" because I'm really going to test myself as a fabricator. I'll be replacing the entire bottom half and turning the neck up about 2'. Then I'll stretch the back about 6" up. Here's a few pics. 20141123_103950 by, on Flickr 20141124_223027...

    Bagger style bikes!

    Maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing, but I'm looking for bagger style bikes.... Big front and back fenders that cover the whole wheel! Let's see'em!

    Any shows going on around central FL?

    Looking to see if there's any custom show's going on before the end of the year. Anyone know of a good place to look? I'm in Pinellas County, so St.Pete, Clearwater/Largo even Tampa would work...

    Where to buy wider wheels?

    Where do you guys get these wider wheels? What are they, 26" x 4? I think I've found them, but are they really like $250? I'm new to bike building and love this style! Thanks for any info and sorry if this has been asked before. Didn't know what to search for.

    My Ratcruiser build

    Hello all! Name's Chris, I'm the owner of Cburke.Industries, a small fabrication and metal art business. I picked up this bike for free and wanted to play around with it. I'm super into rat rods, but without the money to build a car, I thought a bike would be the next best thing lol. The only...