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  1. ej599

    Vintage fishing gear

    I have a small collection of vintage fixhing stuff. A couple old reel and some lures. I just picked these up.
  2. ej599

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  3. ej599

    Airline trail ride CT

    Any CT, MA, RI folks interested in a ride on the Airline? ... 3nDTsAQzfw
  4. ej599


    I was gonna sit it out until I found this light today. Started covering the seat with white leather.
  5. ej599

    Gun it with Benny Spies!

    Anybody watch that new hunting show on Versus Gun it with Benny Spies? They tool around S. Dakota in a '73 Winnebago Brave doing all kinds of hunting, duck, goose, pheasant, elk, deer, prairie dog, you name it. They ran the Winnebago in a mud bog race one week. Raced a old ratty '52 Chevy truck...
  6. ej599

    King Daddio

    An older pic but one of my favorites.
  7. ej599

    Mini Cooper

    Anybody own one of those newer Mini's? I saw a used one for sale and was thinking about it.
  8. ej599

    1949 Sturmey AB, '57 AG, '51 Dyno wheelset

    I went to the N.E.M.B.M. swap meet Sunday and scored these goodies. I like English bikes so this stuff makes me happy! viewtopic.php?f=5&t=30218 :D 1949 AB The owner of the Museum was looking to sell some stuff. This hub was in the Sturmey Archer display case he had. :D 1957 AG...
  9. ej599

    Pee Wee's new bike

  10. ej599

    1969 Hercules Royal Geoffery

    I picked this one up the other night. It has a Sturmey rear hub and plate. I may run it like this until I find a Huret deraileur set up. I'm thinking of a 3 speed coaster, a front brake and a pair of Major Taylor for bars.
  11. ej599

    Red Greene bike

    Funny video.
  12. ej599

    Hard Hittin' New Britain

    I was born and raised in the 'Hardware City', New Britain CT. I moved away 15 years ago but I still have some fond memories. I certainly have some hard learned lessons. At one time New Britain was a manufacturing mecca. They made everything there from beer Automobiles...
  13. ej599

    Building a shifter

    I built a shifter tor this bike to fit inside the tank so I figured I'd share what I learned. The shifter I built is for a Sturmey Archer three speed which has a longer throw between 2nd and 3rd gear than between 1st and 2nd. The throw and related cable mounting dimensions determines the...
  14. ej599

    New garage art

    Picked this up the other day at a farm equipment swap meet.
  15. ej599

    Camelback pics.

    I dug my blue '67 schwinn camelback racer out of the shed today. I need some ideas and inspiration so lets see some pics! I'm thinking a bendix RB-2 on S-7's with westwind whitewalls for starters. Maybe a 3" quill stem with some low rise MTB bars and a white road bike seat and white grips.
  16. ej599

    Shaving cream

    A boy in my son's cub scout den was singing this and I proclaimed "Hey, I had that 45 when I was a kid!" He said "What's a 45?" :cry: I'm an old man I guess! :lol:
  17. ej599

    First Confession

    I was baptized Catholic but never recieved Communion or Confirmation. I've been taking RCIA courses become a 'card carrying club member' as my boss put it. Today I will have my 1st Confession in 46 years of 'heathenry'. I don't ever recall be this nervous about anything in my life. Wish me...
  18. ej599

    'Send in the clowns...'

    '....there ought to be clowns.....don't bother there here....' Guess who? I've always said if ya can't laugh at yourself your missing half the fun. Enjoy guys.
  19. ej599

    Classic movies

    We signed up to Netflix a while ago and boy, what a selection of classic movies they have! I watched 'The Birds' on the computer today, one of my all time favorites. If you've never seen this I highly reccomend it. I watched 'The Grapes of Wrath' for the first time last night. Not nearly as...