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  1. vanilla_gorilla

    power antenna broke

    anyone try to replace a power antenna mast before?
  2. vanilla_gorilla

    Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics

    Hey guys im doin the polar bear plunge to benefit the special olympics on the 25th. If any of you fine folks feel generous and would like to make a donation to support that wonderful organization please follow this link...
  3. vanilla_gorilla

    uh oh

    what am I doin! Ill prob be askin her sat. night here goes nothin.
  4. vanilla_gorilla


    I dont know if we have any Norwegians in our little online family but regardless I ask that we send thoughts and prayers to them in this truley horrible time in thier beautiful country's history. Two atrocious attacks commited against innocent people, mostly children, were carried out...
  5. vanilla_gorilla

    project: Kingray

    my ever faithful bratz beauty bike is going back under the knife for its 5th incarnation i like to use it as my trial and error or my "hey i wonder what would happen if" bike. ill post pics of the build after im done, (its in my top secret skunkworks shop) but heres some pics of it over the...
  6. vanilla_gorilla

    op cruiser "moose" chopper

    hey my gf's brother (nicknamed Moose) hired me to make him a nice chopper i took the op cruiser from walmart as a base and made a few changes nirve high apes 72 spoke 24" rims 24x3 kenda krusader tires triple tree fork, cut down new wide spring seat silver leaf Moose inspecting...
  7. vanilla_gorilla

    Dad's "hot-rodded" bike

    hey this is my dad's schwinn wildwood he got at kmart. when he got it he was complaining that the bike wouldnt coast very far and felt like it was riding through mud. i looked it over and took off the rear wheel and it turns out that the hub was just complete garbage. whoda thought! anyway i...
  8. vanilla_gorilla

    Name Change, Theme change. The Challenger

    im using the corpse of my 1960 Schwinn Speedster for my BBO6 entry. and the inspiration from Mickey Thompson's salt flat cars "Challenger", and "Challenger II" I want it to resemble a barn fresh dragster find. here we go
  9. vanilla_gorilla

    Greas'd lightnin'

    hey my buddy used to build sets for a living and he hired me to paint the car prop for our old High School's production of "Grease" the front end is from a desoto on loan from a junkyard, i had to fashion most of the driver side fender out of bondo cuz it had a massive dent that i...
  10. vanilla_gorilla

    Plinkin aint easy. an airsoft thread

    anyone out there like airsoft? just had a fun afternoon of picking off paper targets in the backyard with the neighbor
  11. vanilla_gorilla

    Interstate Cafe Racer *updated new pics in the OP 6-1

    doin a build for a buddy's business called the Interstate Cafe in Denver CO. I know a popular approach on the forum is to do a boardtracker but im goin a slightly more british approach and doin a Cafe style I started with a Huffy Nel Lusso 26 inch cruiser which is the same as the panama jack...
  12. vanilla_gorilla

    Queen City Skiptooth

    The bike fairy dropped this off at my shed 20 inch Queen City Skiptooth the front wheel is wood, unfortunatley its busted anybody know anymore about this ?
  13. vanilla_gorilla

    Somerville NJ 7/30 build off bike Debut

    ill be around, hopefully ill have my build off done
  14. vanilla_gorilla

    As Yet Unnamed BMX Project update 7-3 Pics!!

    Due to persuasion by Hotrod Jen ive decided to throw my hat into the ring after a build off hiatus since #2. my entry is some sort of whacky BMX frame I got from my friend. i have an idea of what i want so lets see how this turns out No pictures yet but it was painted with really thick ugly...
  15. vanilla_gorilla

    schwinn speedster help

    the code is on my lower left drop out ko25052 i just want to find a little more info on it, i seem to not be lookin in the right place thanks
  16. vanilla_gorilla

    The Flying Tiger update 6-17 pics

    heres one that ive been working on more recently. its been laying around in parts in a heap in the corner for a few years and ive been inspired to make something with it. here is said pile of parts more things to do with it. should be rolling soon hopefully.
  17. vanilla_gorilla

    New Jersey Roll Call

    im from somerville, cruise nights are always a good time. ive been taking my bikes there more recently cuz of lack of parking and what not. its a great place to grab a slice of good pizza and check out some sweet rides and tunes
  18. vanilla_gorilla

    fightin fires, possibly kickin tires as well (new pics 7-7)

    just joined up with the towns volunteer fire department here in Somerville, NJ any other smoke eaters out there?
  19. vanilla_gorilla

    brick tires

    can i get red bricks in a 20 or 24 inch ? ive only seen them in 26
  20. vanilla_gorilla

    project: Lois Lane DONE!! lots of new pics 9-14

    this is a build im doin for a friend its a wally-special huffy girls cranbrook, i got skirted fenders for broken down painting the fenders more to come soon update 8-16 painted frame and fork a new blue a side by side of the new colors my arsenal my new shop mascot bobble-cap...