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  1. ChrisMac

    Possible Purchases in Maine

    Looking into picking these up and was curious if anyone has an ID and value on them before I pull the trigger.
  2. ChrisMac

    Help our "rescued" puppy

    Any help that anyone may be able to provide would be GREATLY appreciated ! Thank you in advance !
  3. ChrisMac

    Western Flyer

    Trading this..... For this.....
  4. ChrisMac

    Neat Old Pic

    @ the local Boys Club in my hometown
  5. ChrisMac

    Girls Schwinn

    Picked this 24" up over the weekend.
  6. ChrisMac

    Friend Found, But What Is It?

  7. ChrisMac

    Freebie !

  8. ChrisMac

    West Coast !

    Seems to have a bent fork, but, "what the hey" it was a freebie !
  9. ChrisMac


    Picking this little gem up this afternoon. Always wanted a MonoShock
  10. ChrisMac

    Junior Oozing With Patina

    You want some original patina. I give you original patina ! Not too bad for $25.00
  11. ChrisMac


    Tell me this wouldn't be all the rage with this group on RRB......
  12. ChrisMac

    Unknown Engine

    Just got this today at NO CHARGE. Was found in a barn with a Sears bicycle. Friend wanted the bike but gave me the engine. Looking at the bracket, must've been on the bike and ran the front tire, I think. Anyone out in the RRB world seen one like this or can give me any info? Thanks in...
  13. ChrisMac


  14. ChrisMac

    3 New Additions

    .........and they were FREE ! !
  15. ChrisMac

    Not a bad find today

    Hey, for ten bucks, I figured the tires were at least worth my time....
  16. ChrisMac

    Nightmare Before August (AKA "Uneasy Rider")

    The build thread - This is NO WHERE near what I had originally planned for this build. I had lost some interest and drive somewhere along the way, and thankfully my wife's newly found enthusiasm...
  17. ChrisMac

    Funky bars

    Just came in the mail today. Not sure what they are from, but they're alloy, and odd enough to be cool to me
  18. ChrisMac

    Bubble Wrap Bike
  19. ChrisMac


    My wife (Jackmac4) came home to find someone she didn't know dropping this off on our back porch the other day.
  20. ChrisMac

    Curb Find Ross

    Hey! It was free, so why not?