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  1. cashman

    Christmas Parade Bike

    Time to get started on a Christmas parade bike for this year. A while back, I found a bare frame and think it's an early style straight bar Schwinn? Think the original color was red but it's got two different shades of blue that someone added later. Haven't found any major cracks or bent...
  2. cashman

    Piece'd Together

    I needed a new ride for my hometowns Christmas parade this year and wanted to do something different. And I needed to use up some parts that had been collected over the past few years. This pic from the book 50 Years of Schwinn Built Bicycles published in 1945 that belonged to my Dad had long...
  3. cashman

    $10,000 Bike

    I recently took a trip to NYC and Boston areas. Flew into JFK and after a few days in NYC, rode the Acela Express train to Boston. Bicycles are alive and well there! Saw a lot of flip-flop hubs on road bikes. Saw a lot of rental bikes. Saw a lot of Pedal Cabs. I always like to check out the...
  4. cashman

    Spoken at random

    The second time I've spoked a ND in 40+ years, A re-chromed hub. The guy I got it from promised no problems. Yea right! Spent all day unsticking all the brake disc that were petrified together. Hope it's going to work? Thanks!!!
  5. cashman

    Check In!

    How about you guys that lead me to this site that I don't hear from anymore? Let's see? clothspininn? fast eddy? Hugo? Xoddorow? Pastor Bob? and a whole bunch of others. Forgive me if I misspelled your handle! Just click your microphone if your still here Thanks!!!
  6. cashman

    Lu Lu's Revenge

    I've seen some nice ladies bikes on here lately and it's inspired me to do something with an old Schwinn Hollywood I bought a while back that's been parted out. I made some pics but we had storms last night and my cable was out and was unable to upload. But to kinda give you an idea of what I'm...
  7. cashman


    A major fire event according to the local media! Hope the local EMA has everyone notified and on plan! A local news chopper did a great shot of a flyover of a PV2 Neptune (tail #07) doing an apparent recce over the fire. Great footage! Thanks !!!
  8. cashman

    Worlds Longest Yard Sale

    From Alabama to Ohio. It's this upcoming weekend August 5 - 8. Always some decent old bikes for sale along the way. Might be more this year due to popularity of American Pickers? Thanks!!!
  9. cashman


    Something wrong with the compact flash card in my camera, but managed to sqeeze these pics out for the finished bike thread. Thanks again to RatRod for providing this great site and all of you Ratrodders that make it so interesting! Thanks!!!
  10. cashman

    Gel Forks?

    I admit to watching bike road racing on TV. Several weeks ago when they were racing on the coblestone roads in the tour of Belgium, some of the riders had what was described as gel dampened forks. Wondering if anyone has any info on those?
  11. cashman


    Laid eyes on a frame for the first time today. After a 140 mile round trip ride in pouring rain. Kinda crusty. Don't know whats going to happen from here on? But always a lot's of fun! Definately not going to re-invent the wheels here. My only goal is to end up with a cool old bike (COB)...
  12. cashman

    Snow Flyers?

    Looks like snow conditions are right in some locales to drag out the snow flyers. You got a hardwood/cast blade snow flyer with steering? All we mostly have is the cold with no snow here. When the going gets tough, where do you go? Ski Hill ..!!!
  13. cashman

    Old Bike Shop Pics

    I've posted some of these pics before, but the old links are no longer available. Dad and my mother ran their own business for 57 years and dad also worked 35 years in a steel mill. Hope you enjoy!! This is my uncle in front of dads first bike shop which was inside an old coal bin next door...
  14. cashman

    Junk Load

    A lady found out I messed with old bikes and called me and said she had a couple of old bikes she wanted me to have since she was moving and didn't have any room for them. They belonged to her late husband and he was a pretty serious bike collector. This is what I found. Let's see, there...
  15. cashman

    Old Race Cars

    Recent discussion about six's got me to digging out some old race car pics. Feel free to add any personal pics you might have of old race cars no matter if it's round trackers, drag, or whatever to this thread. Circa 1970. A Chevy II This was a Hobby Class car. Had a 292 six in it. This...
  16. cashman


    Here's what currently in the stand. It's the old tired Schwinn getting a new lease on life. I've found that if your patient long enough, and network with other fellow collectors, you can find parts at a reasonable cost sometimes. Looks kinda ratty now. The S-2's were pretty crusty, but they...
  17. cashman

    Talladega Thunder

    Fixing to enjoy my 60th post race Sirloin steak at Talladega. I'm thankfull that no one was severely injured on the track or the stands today. Carl hit the fence about 400 feet from where I was sitting today. Only a short distance from where I was sitting when Bobby Allison hit the fence way...
  18. cashman

    Christmas Bicycle Stories

    I'll start off by relating some of the Christmas bicycle memories I have. The period before Christmas was always a busy time in the shop. This was before the mass merchants had the effect on the market as they do now. It actually always began in the late summer when the bicycle distributors...
  19. cashman

    Colson Klunker

    Here are some finished pics. I wish I could have done more with the Colson, but there were not any funds for this build. I'm happy with it. It's been a fun build and the Colson has a light frame and is a great rider. Many thanks to all of you guys. There are some great Klunkers...
  20. cashman

    Google/Life Magazine bicycle pics

    Check out the Life Magazine pics on now on Google. They have two bicycle specific catgories with pics that were shown in Life Magazine back in the days. See also "bicycle riding". There are lots of other categories too. Thanks!!! ... rce%3Alife